The ideal wine, the ideal memory, the ideal gift

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With My Wine Record you can easily compile a personal reference book of the wines you drank during special occasions.

The custom designed Record Label enables you to remove a wine bottle label without having to soak or steam it off. Simply fix the Record Label over the wine bottle label and after a short while the Record Label can be taken off the bottle, removing the label without tearing it. Once the label has been taken off the bottle, place the entire label in your personal My Wine Record.

With your personal My Wine Record, you can record all details about your favourite wines, not just whether it was a red or a white wine, but also where and together with whom you had this particular wine that you consider worth remembering. In this way, you’ll be able to create a personal diary or collection that you can refer back to every now and then in order to find which wines you liked so much.

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