Funky supermarket bag

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How bagladies came about.

In Australia, where Bag Ladies is based, and in many other places around the world, the supermarket plastic bag is slowly on its way out. Alternatives so far are usually bright green reusable bags which are extremely handy but incredibly ugly! Not to mention there are so many sold these days that they are also ending up in landfill.

Thus bagladies was born, offering a chic, funky and environmentally friendly alternative to the supermarket green bag, plastic bag or daggy old cotton bag. So now you can head to work with your extra stuff in your funky bagladies bag, with a spring in your step knowing that you are doing something for the environment while looking spunky. They are made using beautiful 100% organic cotton sourced from India for our canvas tote bags.

Bagladies tries to help where they can, here are the great charities we have supported so far.

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