533 400 Your-Antwerp

This unique, new brand is designed exclusively for Falc by Walter Van Beirendonck, the renowned Belgian fashion designer famous for his love of art, music, nature and ethnic cultures from which he draws inspiration for his collections. An original designer whose creations are characterized by strong graphics and vivid color combinations which he turns into “unique and unconventional” designs.

W6YZ is all about Evolution. Evolution in nature, time and design. The W of Walter, the 6 of the Antwerp 6 (the ground-breaking designer group born in the 80s), and the final letters of the alphabet – they all stand for the progress that takes us out of the present and lets us step into the future…

The logo is the spark, which stands for magic and new ideas, and its a dominating element of the shoes and the soles. Each of us leaves their own and very personal footprint in the world, and the spark is the trace we leave when we are wearing W6YZ: step into the future!

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