American Vintage will rock Poetry…

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Light, powdered, tawny, electric winds are blowing on the New Spring Summer 2011 Collection!
A nostalgic appeal for Vintage brings a refreshing modernity to the new Summer line. Artisanal treatments such as Fade out, Bleach, Stone washing and Spraying give life to casual and contemporary styles.
Discrete but meaningful details come and electrify the apparent simplicity of a rich and varied collection. Uncountable combinations are possible, creating from graphic to oversized looks, with a bright mix of Japanese rigour and fulfilling modern androgyny in the background.

American Vintage will rock Poetry,with prints conquering plain light garments for a 100% casual attitude embracing ultra-chicness. Knits are now essential wraps to Jerseys… Rustic and authentic cottons as well as silky fine blends offer a wide variety and ennoble casual looks. You are now free to play about with this inventive and inspiring new Spring Summer 2011 collection! Available at YOUR premium store!

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