A nod to the glamour of the 50’s

560 373 Your-Antwerp

The youthful collection paid homage to Vivienne Westwood’s iconic styles of the 70s and 80s. With everything from punk, pirate, mini crinis and bondage being re-invented. The models were decorated with flashes of luminescent eye shadow and crimped, back combed hair wigs, all in the spirit of youth and eras gone by. While the mini black berets and disheveled straw hats perched on their heads nodded to the Glamour of the 50’s.

The look of the collection was enhanced with synched corseted waists and bell skirted floral and gingham summer evening dresses. Whilst wide stripe drape dresses echoed the infamous ‘Pirate’ collection, along with the iconic strappy pirate boots elevated for attitude. Acid house checks, bold prints and elegant silhouettes also held there place among the array of nostalgia. This Vivienne Westwood Anarchy Pirate dress is a must have in your Spring/Summer warderobe. Come and try it on, you’ll love it.


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