From a meeting of minds

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The Y3 trainers line from Adidas comes from a meeting of minds, of sorts. Famed Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has joined with Adidas in the creation of Adidas Y3 trainers, which are a reworking of the traditional Adidas form to create the Y3 shoe. The creativity of Yohji Yamamoto shines through in the Adidas Y3 trainers line. The already comprehensive sports shoe has been given a real lift with Yamamoto’s special touch. The Japanese designer has utilised a great mix of fabrics, creating new textures that are a delight to walk on. Yamamoto has also give the trainers a slightly new look, playing around with heights and envisioning all sorts of new uses for the Adidas Y3 shoes.

The collaboration between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto began in 2002. Y3 shoes are a wonderful child for such a prestigious pairing of designer genius, but the question does beg to be answered – Y3? The answer lies in the name of Y3 trainers’ creators. The ‘Y’ part of ‘Adidas Y3 trainers’ is easy enough to track down in designer Yohji Yamamoto. The ‘3’ is a little more mysterious, until you turn your eye to the distinctive Adidas logo. The three stripes that have graced Adidas shoes since the beginning certainly catch the eye, and they must have stuck in the mind of Yamamoto in naming the line. The Y3 products are now availble at YOUR premium store.

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