It's good to know who your Frends are…

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It’s good to know who your Frends are, so allow me to introduce you to our brand new headphones we have in store: Frends.

Frends is a crew of pro and bro snowboarders who are separate and unique beings, but are bonded together creating one body, much like the most awesome robot warrior of all time, Voltron.

Some cliques tend to block you out.
You don’t get invited to their parties.
They don’t let you in on all their funny inside jokes.
They don’t even tell you about the best new music they’ve been hearing.

The people at Frends think that is lame. They want you to be their friend.
We want you to join their crew.

Even if you’re not flying down the mountain with them, or up late-night singing awful karaoke renditions of “Sweet Child Of Mine” with them at a dive bar-you’re with Frends in spirit, and they are with you.

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