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On March 25th of 2002 freelance designer Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan and word artist Per Holknekt meet in Stockholm to discuss a design project for an advertising agency. They found an instant mutual understanding so strong that they set aside that initial project only to shape their own brand new designer fashion label instead.

Less than 30 minutes from that first coffee, Odd Molly was born. And only some 9 years down that line, a true international fashion sensation. The core idea of the company was to let uninhibited design intuition lead the way, bringing forward a fabulous and positive message to women. Key ingredients were to not only make look great, but also to make feel great, using the corner stones of love-courage-integrity. Ever since that day the product development has evolved in the most tremendous ways, still those key ingredients have remained the same.

Odd Molly is highly loved by multi generations and the love runs all the way from the women of small Greek villages to the pickiest celebritiy actresses of Hollywood.

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