Nikki Music

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Nikki Beach Music provides you with an opportunity to take home the thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience from all of our exquisite locations throughout the world in our several CD compilations.

Nikki Music started small, but has grown to a magnitude to be compared to many well known record labels throughout the world. Nikki Music, based out of Miami Beach, Florida has been fortunate to have contacts with many known, as well as unknown, DJs, artists and labels around the world. Nikki Music started out as an offspring of the world famous Nikki Beach clubs. Throughout the years Nikki Music has expanded, and is now recognized worldwide. With contacts at all the major labels nationally and internationally, Nikki Music has jumped off the charts as a recognized and respected record label in the music business. Of course we couldn’t let this pass us by, so we added the complete Nikki Beach Music collection to YOUR Music Department!

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