Introducing TRIWA watches

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In a world full of digital gadgets showing time and a watch industry full of clichés, the time was right for something more contemporary and creative. That was all the reason the four founders of TRIWA needed to quit their day jobs and put all their waking hours into the shared dream of creating a watch brand.

TRIWA is an acronym for TRansforming the Industry of WAtches. Their goal is to promote the ethos of attitude and individuality in the traditional world of watches and accessories. They are deadly serious about being playful and unpretentious and they don’t mind being provocative in a creative, uplifting way. Each piece that leaves Stockholm is created with the commitment to bring you products that reflects individual style and personality. It always makes them happy to see stylish, smart and colourful people wearing their products.

TRIWA’s main thesis is that, since time is constantly being presented on various gadgets, the main purpose of the wristwatch is to look and feel good. If style, feel and quality are what’s important to you, you too are most likely a TRIWA believer.


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