Black Rope NEUW denim

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NEUW denim now presents Black Rope..

Black Rope started with their favourite albums. They looked at what the artists wore and quickly found an important motif; dark denim jeans, leather and suede jackets. They decided to reference the character and quality of the jeans they were wearing whilst modernizing the technique, so they said ‘What if we bring the dark decadent look of leather and suede jackets to jeans?’


The way they did it was to look at the development of the smallest and first component in denim: The Yarn. High quality denim is traditionally dyed with a process called rope dying. The indigo rope dying process is unique because it leaves the core of the cotton yarn white and allows the fabric to fade and develop character with wear and tear. Black Rope is an evolution of traditional rope dying. Their men’s Indigo jeans are rope dyed and have each individual thread wrapped in a black wax. Rather than completely saturating the yarn with a black dye (as is the case with most black jeans), the black jeans have a grey thread that is rope dyed and then wrapped in a black wax, ensuring a similar aging process to that of indigo jeans.

“..Black Rope treated denim develops three dimensional worn in effects whilst holding the robust and substantial hand-feel of a well worn in leather jackets..”

At YOUR we have Iggy Skinny & Ray Tapered in Black Rope


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