Holy f*sh!

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Holy f*sh!

This week some new items from Doiy Design hit our store and they are all totally amazing! Boxes full of contemporary homewares and lifestyle accessories who bring cheer to the modern life.
There’s a few we would like to share..

Nature Yoga Mat Grass.

Thick, lightweight and portable yoga mat with grass pattern on surface. It offers a supportive cushion to protect your bones and joints.

Maki Socks.

Fun and elegant pair of socks shaped as the typical Japanese Maki. This one tastes as omelette. One size fits all. Various types of sushi available 😉

Le Videpoche.

The wallet tray conceived exclusively for men. It includes four compartments which match with what most men have in their pockets: wallet, phone, keys and coins. It helps to remember where these things and find them quickly.


Porcelain Tea/Coffee Set shaped as the classic moka pot. It is composed of a milk jug, four cups and a bowl. Thanks to its stackable system it is both decorative and functional.

30 day challenge.

Whether you want to work out regularly, slow things down or feel amazingly good.. The 30 day challenge consists in proposing one daily activity for 30 days. Pull the day-ticket and start the challenge!

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