Perrier x Wild | Limited edition

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This year PERRIER® unveils an extraordinarily wild limited edition -that reflects nature in the heart of today’s urban jungle- with the artist Juan Travieso.

Juan Travieso created exclusive designs on the bottles to honor the wild nature of PERRIER. In these unique creations, nature is reflected in majestic animals, PERRIERS wild spirit icons. The artist depicts them on both sides and from different perspectives to maximize their spectacular power and beauty. Creations that show their wild side during the day and are transformed at night.
PERRIER also developed a capsule collection together with Juan Travieso. Consisting of a sweater, a backpack, a bike, a notebook and a cardboard trophy.

YOUR is a proud reseller of the Perrier x Wild collection together with only 2 other shops in the Benelux!

The collection is available in limited quantities only!

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Saturday October 7th from 15h – 18.30h
YOU’RE invited!

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