A surprising quality of sound.

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A surprising quality of sound. Mini bluetooth speaker, available in various colors. Perfect for a picknick or barbecue in the park!. Cute and colorful, these tiny Bluetooth 3W speakers can be populated around your home…

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Summer’s calling!

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Retro dial phone pastel €60,- metallic €75,- Retro diner phone black €115,- chrome €130,-  

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Meet The Duchess, the world’s first non-alcoholic, low sugar Gin & Tonic. Crafted using re-distilled juniper berries, The Duchess has the distinct gin and tonic taste, complimented by aromatic layers of locally produced botanicals to match…

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Prints of your favorite cities!

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Line drawings from the world’s most famous neighbourhoods, streets, buildings and cities. Wide selection of Antwerp neighbourhoods now in-store! A must have for every interior. The WIJCK. prints are produced on a unique vintage paper…

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

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For the dad who wants to look good. For the dad who is always busy. For the dad who likes to chill out. For the dad who has everything.. we’ll find him something! ACCESSORIES A…

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Inflatable coolness

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Summertime, time to shine! The must-have of summer 2018, the inflatable accessories! Bring these inflatable accessories to the beach, swimming pool or on vacation. Shine in all circumstances! Shop NOW online!

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MOM, we love you!

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MOM, we love you! Time to give back to the woman who’s always been there for you. We’ve selected the very best gifts for the most important lady in your life. Shop your gifts online…

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From now on, it’s all about gifts. From the smaller ones that are mainly funny or useful, to the big ass luxury gifts that will definitely make an impression. Here’s some inspiration to help you…

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Back in stock!

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Reading glasses + Sunglasses in various colors and corrections now back in stock! SeeConcept is becoming IZIPIZI Originally, IZIPIZI created the SEE’UP, the first self-service reading glasses intended to be available wherever there is need for…

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We love you!

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Since you deserve only the best, we give you a sneakpeek of what’s new and what’s excited. komrad4 komrad2 komrad5 komrad1 komrad3 Komrads. When the Czech Boot Company designed its trademark model as an answer…

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