“Preppy” contemporary watches brimming with Swiss watchmaking tradition.


A Briston doesn’t lie. Retro? A little. Authentic? Very. Accessible? Always!

– A Briston lives for the moment. Or even ahead of it, writing tomorrow’s chapter with just a nod to the past. It is crafted using the most advanced technologies, which allow even greater creativity and make the watch a delight to wear.
– A Briston is a unique experience. Inspired by the classical style of traditional watchmaking, it offers a relaxed and offbeat aesthetic with just a touch of quirkiness.
– A Briston is born of a man’s passion and the expertise of Swiss designers. Combined with a colourful British touch, it is the height of modernity with a nostalgic hint of yesterday.

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Holiday OFFER

19.12.2014 / GADGETS / GIFTS, OFFERS

Free gifts worth €60,-

with every jacket bought before christmas

Find your favorite piece in the video below

Go go gadget

15.12.2014 / GADGETS / GIFTS

Everybody ready for gift season?! We are! We restocked our complete gadget department so you now have the difficult task to choose the one(s) you like the most!

One of our premium staff members will give you a tour through the department and help you out!
Gift wrapping included.


Keep your essentials in your head

09.12.2014 / GADGETS / GIFTS

Keys, glasses, phone, watch, loose change, and the contents of your pockets… it can be difficult keeping all these things in mind. Get organised, keep your paraphernalia in a skull, freeing up space in yours. The key to good organisation is to keep everything in one place, so stay tidy, fill your head with stuff before you lose it. Designed for holding the things you use every day.


Quality urban goods crafted with pride


Complete YOUR individual look with crafted jewellery, wallets, headwear, and other quality urban goods from Icon Brand. Inspired by music, travel and youth culture these items will give YOUR outfit an authentic, original and urban finishing!

Even if you wasn’t planning to buy it yourself, or expecting it to get one from your girlfriend this year…
Either one of you will get convinced!



Ultra heavy anniversary issue


If you love interior design magazines as much as we do, then you might know the French lifestyle magazine IDEAT. For their hundredth edition they came up with a publication of 560 pages.

The anniversary issue is packed with the 100 best photos, 100 best design icons and the 100 most beautiful hotels. But also 150 pages filled with stories of young talents and the most amazing homes and interiors programs. A book full of inspiration. They also share some tips with us; the best spots, newest hotels, fine restaurants, galleries and special vintage shops in Paris. It might be clear now why you should have this book, right?