Gemini back in stock!

You can either be a work of art or wear one! Gemini is Belgian through and through, with its headquarters in Hasselt. Production, design and distribution are realized from Belgium. Gemini represents a lifestyle in…

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Skully gin tasting!

Skully gins are distilled in the south of the Netherlands using fresh spices, herbs and fruits, in order to create a range of smooth gins with exceptional and unexpected tastes. When the creators of SKULLY…

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5YEARYOUR. Aftermovie YOUR luxury night.

In case you missed our 5 year anniversary event; watch our aftermovie! Actually, it’s also pretty interesting to check out if you were there, you might make an appearance..

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New at YOUR; Féret Parfumeur

New at YOUR beauty department, products from Féret Parfumeur. BLOC HYALIN, unlike other stones, has always benefitted from a long and complex process of purification. Alum potassium premium 100% natural, of which Bloc Hyalin is…

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New in; Zenology

ZENOLOGY is an indie lifestyle company committed to bringing hotel luxury home, making sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products that nourish the skin, restore the body, glam up an interior or yourself, all with…

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When the creators of SKULLY GIN met the team behind ‘YOUR premium store’ in Antwerp, it was clear that these two strong brands were a perfect match to create a partnership. The premium Gin matches perfectly with…

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