Buying Tricker's shoes for FW13

At this moment I’m in the showroom of my friend Nicolas Thys to create a new amazing order for next season… Again these handmade Tricker’s collection look great! This time with very nice coloured ‘Itshide’…

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Buying Tigha Jackets … Too hard to choose

At Matthijs (Blue Fashion) for the moment, buying leather…. And stuff like that.. This collection is so F*cking great that it’s impossible to make a smaller selection than shown on the pictures below.. The only…

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USA trip: Robin's Jean

Robin’s Jean… New @ YOUR as from s/s 12 Too amazing to discribe what I saw here.  Didn’t meet Robin before but I must say… he’s just one awesome guy. One of the most beautiful…

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USA trip: Johnson Motors

While I was at Sunset Boulevard, I went to Johnson Motors Inc. Originally from Pasadena California, and now located at Sunset Bl. I was amazed by the beauties that were displayed over here. Old racing-cars,…

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USA trip: Shopping in Beverly Hills

Part 2 of the trip to Hollywood… When you’re in Los Angeles, Sunset Boulevard has to be on your to-do list. We went shopping on a sunny afternoon and we were lucky to find a…

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