In case you didn’t notice..

04.06.2014 / PRESS

Your Premium Store.. winner of the “Best Fashion Retailer of the World Award 2013″.
We’re very proud and we would like to thank you all for helping us win this amazing award!

REBOOT….?? W.T.F…???!!!!

13.10.2013 / NEWS, PRESS, RANDOM

Check out the surprise of the day…!!!!



YOUR magalogue issue 10 first weekend in!


Yes, it’s here again! YOUR magalogue issue 10 has entered the building so come and get yours!!!

YOUR MAGALOGUE 10: The Spring Essential Issue


YES YES YES! Issue 10 of YOUR magalogue has hit the streets!
40.000 copies of delicious fashion must haves including only the best we have in store!

Pick up your copy at a premium hotspot in Antwerp or come by and grab a few!

YOUR damn fine end-of-the-year wish list

24.12.2012 / NEWS, PRESS

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the winter breeze is coming our way, we can’t escape the fact that the holidays are just around the corner. So do you already know what you will get for Christmas this year? Or maybe even more difficult: What you are going to buy your friends & family for Christmas?

Our thoughts turn to treating our beloved friends and family to a gift we hope they will truly appreciate. So we’ve decided to put together
a guide to what we think would be the ideal gifts. As a matter of fact, the holidays are also a great opportunity to treat yourself. Our tip? Take advantage of this time of year by sneaking a couple of our winter must haves onto your christmas list. Your friends and family will be truly grateful, because everyone could use a little help choosing a gift.

This Magalogue is the ultimate collection of the best gifts that you’d want to give your loved ones. We will guide you through a variety
of amazing gift ideas and we’ve even attached a checklist to it, so you can immediately indicate which articles you want to add to your wish list. Bring your list to the store and our staff will help you find everything you need. Whoever said the holidays cause stress, clearly never visited our store.

Let us shoppertain you! It’s our pleasure! Happy Holidays!

P.S.: Click here and see the entire magalogue online!


02.06.2012 / NEWS, PRESS

Hey folks! The summer issue of our Magalogue is now available at YOUR and soon at a selection of premium hotspots in Antwerp!
Get prepared for summer with this colourful newspaper full of premium products available at YOUR!

Come and say hi and get yours now!