28.02.2015 / PRODUCTS

AMATØR’s collection consists of casual, refined items that are designed to dress the elegant woman, adventurous mum or confident student.
Items to wear around the house, on a first date, on the couch, at work or to your favourite restaurant.
AMATØR shows its Scandinavian roots through down-to-earth designs that display a touch of elegance. They use quality materials, surprising details, modern color tones and confident cuts, which we aim to blend easily into your wardrobe and to compliment your personal style.


Ben Sherman

26.02.2015 / PRODUCTS

Ben Sherman.. from heritage prints to sharp, directional design their latest range takes a nostalgic look at the Great British Summer.
Including items from the Beetles&Bugs collection …

They felt that the process of entomology (insect collecting) really captured the attention to detail that Ben Sherman is renowned for and the way that beetles and bugs are displayed in glass cases during the process of entomology creates a pattern that works perfectly for prints and embroidery.

Additionally, some of the images they used for inspiration had a strong Charles Darwin feel – reminiscent of a time before photography when hand-drawn details were so important. Charles Darwin’s response to the beauties of nature gave rise to some of the most lyrical art of the nineteenth century and this is something they wanted to capture when creating Beetles and Bugs collection.

The strong nod to nature, prominent in their previous collections, was definitely in mind during this process as well; they loved the fact that some of the beetles they studied were very obscure and almost prehistoric looking. We’re not talking about your average garden beetle here!



Ruby Tuesday

23.02.2015 / PRODUCTS

Ruby Tuesday, named after the Rolling Stones iconic 1967 track is a never-ending story of inspiration.

They believe that every garment should stay true to its function, with a belief that clothes should not overshadow the personality of the person wearing them. The iconic pieces are free from embellishment and easy to combine with any wardrobe. While trends come and go, there is something everlasting and no-nonsense about the pieces they make, be it the crisp white shirt or the striped T.

Don’t miss the linen striped t’s and stay classy with the long dress!


Daniele Fiesoli

22.02.2015 / PRODUCTS

Daniele Fiesoli is the most exclusive brand from Woolgroup -handcraft knitwear company- founder Daniele Fiesoli.

He combined all his passion, know how and taste for building a handcraft knitwear collection with the quality of a ‘made in Italy’ production. In fact all workmanship and fabrics are coming from Italy and in particular from Tuscany, a real industrial district for the knitwear-maker. That declares the motto; “Absolutely made in Italy”.

The good job done evolved the collection from a simply concept of knitwear collection into a “total look collection” with slim fit and contemporary shapes: t-shirt with exclusive “hand made” printings, sportive and informal blazers, young shirts , chino’s and five pockets trousers, soft knitwear… everything made for a perfect combination piece by piece.

Daniele Fiesoli’s style is distinctive, fresh, up to date: elegant lines, experimentation of materials, a new design for a trendy audience of fashion addicts.




21.02.2015 / PRODUCTS

Modström embraces the season with brightness and optimism.

The colours are light and soft and have a wide span – from cool, classic summer colours to challenging sharp rich colours, which gives the palette harmonious colour scales. A new word is also born: Casformal. Casformal is the combination of casual and formal. It is the presentable formal style combined with the comfortable and relaxed style, which is the key component of this season. They want to explore, go to the limit and still be very conscious about maintaining the high quality Modström is known for.



Leather crown

20.02.2015 / PRODUCTS

WOW WOW WOW. Awesome new shoes in store!!
This brand revolutionizes the world of sneakers! An original and painstakingly produced shoe, must-have accessory in every style and occasion.

Leather Crown was established with the spring summer collection 2009, and immediately became an established brand thanks to the union of a few but very important ingredients of all comfort, thanks to the internal anatomical footbed which is raised, to provide the best possible support to the foot and posture. In addition to this, the originality is given by the search for new technical materials and, from washing uppers and strictly handmade and trendy colors, combined with the typical “used” effect that characterizes each shoe.

Ps. there’s a lot more but you really have to feel the amazing comfort of these shoes so pass by to give them a try!