NEW ARRIVALS; Unreal fur

27.08.2014 / RANDOM

May we introduce to you; Unreal fur!

Creating a luxurious and ethical alternative to fur, Unreal Fur develops the finest quality faux fur for their conscientious, chic consumers. Fur has long been regarded as the ultimate high end fashion luxury, but with constant light being shed on the inhumane ways that these animals are treated, resulting in millions of cruel deaths each year, they choose faux.

Although the faux fur market has existed for some time, the quality and style of the pieces did not embody the luxurious look that customers desire real fur for. Combating this, Unreal Fur develops only the highest quality faux fur (all 100% synthetic), lush and luxurious to the skin. With an endless array of colours, textures and patterns available, the Unreal Fur ranges have achieved the look and feel of the real thing - with a clear conscience.

Wear YOUR own skin.

Go Faux.



19.08.2014 / RANDOM

Would you like to keep the Ibiza-mood also in winter?
No problem with the new Dolfie Indiana collection!

Dolfie is founded in Spain and really knows how to keep us satisfied. They love experimenting, combining and mixing styles to deliver the most original designs and good quality! The outside and inside of these shoes are made ​​of leather and suede. The thicker outsole is very flexible, which makes them really comfortable to wear.

The shaft is decorated with tiny chains, braided leather and colored stones to make them look like Pocahontas would wear them to!


Life’s a beach

14.06.2014 / RANDOM

Martin Parr  is a British documentary photography, photojournalist and collector. He is known for his photographic projects that take an intimate, satirical and anthropological look at aspects of modern life.

Life’s a beach presents photos of beachgoers on far-flung shores, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and of course, the UK, among others. This book shows Parr at his best, startling us with the moments of captured absurdity and immersing us in the rituals and traditions associated with beach life the world over. 

martin1 martin2 martin2b martin3

Stylish London label

11.06.2014 / PRODUCTS, RANDOM
High-quality fabrics and considered details are cornerstones of Folk, which was founded in 2001 by Mr Cathal McAteer. Eschewing outlandish statements, or staid reinterpretations of vintage styles, Folk men’s collections are characterised by understated clothing with a strong emphasis on quality.
Folk does not try and re-create the wheel in terms of styles but focus on developing their own fabrics, trims and design details to create easy wearing garments with that little bit of something extra that hopefully sets Folk apart from its peers.

In store now!



Hello, my name is Paul Smith

05.06.2014 / GADGETS / GIFTS, RANDOM

‘Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith’ is a celebration of over forty years of the playful and trendsetting English fashion brand and retailer Paul Smith.

The book celebrates not only the line’s fashion history, collections, and collaborations but also the inspirations and obsessions that have helped to transform a small bedroom-sized shop into an innovative global forum for culture and style.

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Your hair is your best accessory


Rebuild, revive, protect..
Don’t forget YOUR hair!

CHI hair care features products with Cationic Hydration Interlink Technology that provides outstanding hair repair. CHI products contain positively charged silk molecules that are interlocked into hairs natural structure to dramatically build strength, improve moisture and resilience. Each line targets a specific hair need and can be used in conjunction with each other.

Please come by and ask YOUR premium hairdresser for a detailed care-plan.