04.02.2015 / PRODUCTS, RANDOM

New goods to absolutely die for! Tiny bits are entering the store, but each item is worth the notoriety.
A collection for the man who knows that the right outfit strengthens his personality and preers a refined, relaxed and casual feel at the same time.


To fall in love with…

22.09.2014 / PRODUCTS, RANDOM

Hanna Wallmark bracelets are made of natural leather decorated with magnificent braids of pewter-thread soaked in a silver-bath, the creations are all exclusively hand-made and have the exclusive signature of HANNA: creations of her own that distinguish her and make the brand a “must have” for lovers of beautiful fashion accessory. The way of proceeding makes every bracelet unique and preserves the nature and the persons who participate in the process of the creation and the manufacturing.

We just got a huge delivery, so we have more stock to choose from!
Perfect combination with your favorite outfit or watch;)


Feeling good in the city and in your clothes…

20.09.2014 / PRODUCTS, RANDOM

That’s what it’s about, explains the design studio from ELEVENPARIS.
“We travel to the four corners of the globe (and Tumblr…) on a quest for artistic discoveries and new inspirations”. This allows the brand to capture the zeitgeist, designing the ELEVENPARIS urban silhouette.

Wear YOUR items with a nonchalant air, combining humour, pop culture, rock references and contemporary cool! What we show you next is just the mens department…


NEW ARRIVALS; Cheap Monday

04.09.2014 / RANDOM

YOUR absolute must have!!

Cheap Monday, founded because of a need for cheaper, but still fashionable jeans.
They offer you pieces that compete with high-end brands both in attitude and fashion-level as well as in quality – always at an extremely good price.


First of all we would like to introduce the ladies choices.
Unisex, Medium Waist, Slim Fit, Slim Legs, Stretch. Unisex and with stretchy fabrics. Their original jeans fit born in 2004 to serve as the alternative to the expensive denim brands. Medium waist jeans, tight fit and tapered legs for an overall tight silhouette. A classic look which works for both guys and girls, very hard to stop wearing once you’ve tried them on.

Medium waist, Skinny fit, Skinny Legs. The perfect mid waist skinny with narrow, skinny legs. Works on all occasions. The fabrics are soft and stretchy for maximum comfort.


“Spray on”
This is a new concept from Cheap Monday. They are the tightest jeans they have ever made. The hand feel is super soft, the stretch is bananas and they look very good. They are the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear, still maintaining a denim look. The sizing is “two in one” due to the stretch and recovery of the fabrics.





NEW ARRIVALS; Knowledge Cotton Apparel

31.08.2014 / PRODUCTS, RANDOM

A few items of one of our all time favourite brand ‘Knowledge Cotton Apparel‘ have already entered our store! Some well known colored denims, perfect pre-fall sweaters and even very earth-friendly organicon cotton socks!

Choose YOUR items and combine classic and casual with a contemporary feel!

At Knowledge Cotton Apparel they believe what characterizes good design is the ability to create a fresh look and feel while keeping true to their unique brand aesthetic and ensuring consistency in quality and approach from season to season. Most of their garments have been specially treated and washed to give each garment character and to support the appearance of time and history.


NEW ARRIVALS; Unreal fur

27.08.2014 / RANDOM

May we introduce to you; Unreal fur!

Creating a luxurious and ethical alternative to fur, Unreal Fur develops the finest quality faux fur for their conscientious, chic consumers. Fur has long been regarded as the ultimate high end fashion luxury, but with constant light being shed on the inhumane ways that these animals are treated, resulting in millions of cruel deaths each year, they choose faux.

Although the faux fur market has existed for some time, the quality and style of the pieces did not embody the luxurious look that customers desire real fur for. Combating this, Unreal Fur develops only the highest quality faux fur (all 100% synthetic), lush and luxurious to the skin. With an endless array of colours, textures and patterns available, the Unreal Fur ranges have achieved the look and feel of the real thing – with a clear conscience.

Wear YOUR own skin.

Go Faux.