Are ‘front row seats’ absolutely YOUR thing, at nearly every launch or preview?
“I AM YOUR’s” will then undoubtedly be… YOUR next THING!

Always 'very new & trending'
For all senses

Engagement, meeting people, connecting

“I AM YOUR’s” is the new ALL-IN experience of YOUR premium store Antwerp.

Within an in and outside ‘event’ setting the famous conceptstore in de Kloosterstraat now presents the most diverse premieres on a regular base; new products, models, and collections from upcoming brands to the big names. Usually before they can be seen, tasted, felt or explored anywhere else. And of course it all happens around the core business of YOUR – from fashion, shoes, lifestyle, food & drinks, health, over to technology, books and music or let’s say street art.

This new premium platfrom raises ‘shopping’ to ‘the next level’, an allround trigger for the shop and fashion addicts amongst you. Discovery and the element of surprise are always key. At the same time ‘I AM YOUR’s’ means interactive workshops, master classes, tastings, dj sets, live gigs, lectures or presentations, contests and a wide variety of competitions… In this case less is NOT more. Quite the contrary. Let’s aim high.


Saturday May 27  ‘Let’s ROCK with Addmyberry’
PROGRAM, soon more details!

Untill the next edition!

I AM YOUR’S – 2nd EDITION ‘Let’s ROCK with addmyberry’
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I AM YOUR’s is ready for round TWO in YOUR PREMIUM STORE. And you?   Again we are joining forces with lot’s of interesting brands, labels and products who ALL got something new to tell…   Addmyberry is one of them and will show you all about their AW17 collection. This time we will also…

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I AM YOUR’s – 1st EDITION ‘The Get-Away’
982 902 Your-Antwerp

Some music please?! At the decks of I AM YOUR’s – 1st Edition ‘The Get-Away’ Saturday: LYA + Khalor Audioboulevard Sunday: Delafino & Luna Van den Ende + Bocain

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I AM YOUR’s – 1st EDITION ‘The Get-Away’
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Saturday 22 April; 16.00h How to SURVIVE spring in style? Nathalie Van den Berg (Curls and Bags) shows her FAVOURITE OUTFIT on our ‘GET AWAY’-catwalk. Whether you have plans for a festival, hiking trip, family vacation or a city tour.. Find INSPIRATION for each activity @ I AM YOUR’s – 1st Edition ‘The Get-Away’!! #outfitinspiration from…

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I AM YOUR’s – 1st EDITION ‘The Get-Away’
982 902 Your-Antwerp

Saturday 22 April; 15.00h We talk about ‘BLOGGING, VLOGGING & INFLUENCING’ with these lovely ladies; Elke Sockeel (Goldiloks), Nathalie Van den Berg (Curls and Bags) and Hanne Troonbeeckx (Buzzooka). MARK YOUR AGENDA & GET INSPIRED!    

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I AM YOUR’s – 1st Edition ‘The Get-Away’
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I AM YOUR’s – 1st EDITION ‘The Get-Away’ 22 April; 14.00 – 17.00 23 April; 14.00 – 17.00 We are pleased to announce that Volvo Scancar will be launching their new ‘Volvo V90 Cross Country’ at the exclusive setting of YOUR premium store. Come over to immerse yourself in our ‘on the road’ atmosphere and…

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