Charlie joe

25.03.2015 / FEMALE FASHION

The brand Charlie Joe was born is Marseille ( France) during summer 2000.
It is the result of the union of two talents: Muriel Jaffe and Philippe Rossi. They created Charlie Joe at the same time as their daughter’s birth … an they gave it her name as a symbol. Philippe Rossi is been involved as a designer for ready-to-wear clothes since he was 18 and has worked for various brands before starting with Charlie Joe .

Many journeys abroad inspired them, but also old materials, ancient books and their frequent visit to second market are their main source of inspiration. Using embroidery and exclusive prints are the characteristic signs of the brand. You will find very feminine lines, slim and full, always wrapped in natural material. Harmony is the key word for the colours and shapes of this brand.










Get in the mood for spring with this cool video from Scotch & Soda.

For men this season, rock and roll collides with sandy shores, as the gentleman meets his surfer alter-ego and a clash of cultures brings Africa to the Americas. This season is all about eclectic contrasts and bold print-on-print combinations. Bringing together the fun and easiness of summer with quirky statements tees and retro styling. Smart blazers are paired with beach shorts and hibiscus print meets playful polka dots. We have your total look covered from head to toe with straw hats and canvas shoes. With a melting pot of inspiration your summer wardrobe will be teeming with fresh ideas.



23.03.2015 / GADGETS / GIFTS

Bobble jug: filter in style.

A beautifully designed, highly functional everyday household product. It is a faster, smarter, sleeker reimagining of the squat, slow-filtering water jugs that have hogged space in refrigerators for generations. Bobble jug is also unexpectedly slim. It holds more water than its appearance would suggest, and its sleek appearance allows it to double as a serving jug. Its slim design frees up more real estate inside refrigerators; it can slip neatly into refrigerator doors.

Get ready for a HOT summer, hydrate yourself and YOUR dinner guests.






22.03.2015 / FEMALE SHOES

New at YOUR.

KEDS®! The iconic American sneaker brand established in 1916.

In 1916 Keds® redefined footwear with the introduction of the Champion sneaker. The simple and chic design ignited a style revolution, capturing the hearts of girls everywhere from fashion icons to the girl next door. Today, Keds® is a head-to-toe fashion lifestyle brand fueled by a passion for imagination, inspiring a new generation of girls to stay authentic, optimistic and brave.

“This collection speaks to the nautical trend that is so prominent in Keds’ East Coast roots. Bright, sunbaked colors with a touch of whimsy.”
Whether you’re beachside or poolside, you’ll need bold colors & fun prints.




20.03.2015 / FEMALE FASHION

TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri has entered our store!
We immediately fell in love with their amazing romantic and feminine pieces.

A TWIN-SET women loves to travel, is passionate about music and about fashion.. She is feminine, romantic, and always ready to play with fashion to feel beautiful in respect of her personality.



19.03.2015 / NEWS


Launched yesterday, NOW in store at KOMONO by YOUR!

Ever since their first Komono ‘print’ series, they have been very innovative with their graphic patterns. They want to offer more than beautiful patterns and wrap your wrist in stories. Vlisco has everything they look for in a collaboration: a huge heritage, a true original with a fierce passion for their craft and unlimited stories to tell. This is the partnership dreams are made of.

For this collaboration they are introducing a unique capsule collection of 6 Komono watches fashioned with the first registered fabric from the Vlisco archive, “the Snakeskin print”.
(The Household Gravel / Ghana – Kponbazé / Panther Skin / Togo – Kpo Gbaza / Panther Benin).
The Snakeskin Print is one of the oldest designs still available in the Vlisco archive and registered as design 001 in the records. These motifs are associated with the gravel around a house, protecting and alerting the inhabitants of intruders, hence the name ‘The Household Gravel’. The gravel also refers to the immediate family, ‘sometimes sharp and can cut you deeply’ − being those who ultimately cause you pain.

Each watch personifies the Vlisco and Komono collaboration perfectly. All pieces are unique, as a result of the wax craquelé on the strap and the limited series-number etched on the case back. Style your wrist with the perfect match of Vlisco and Komono.


Vlisco. A story as unique as their fabrics.
Vlisco’s heritage is quite unlike any other. Since 1846, Vlisco created unique textiles influencing the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa. These fabrics reflect true Dutch craftsmanship and were originally known as ‘Hollandais’, from the French word for ‘Dutch’. They’re still the only brand creating authentic Dutch Wax fabrics recognisable for their unique design, colours and wax craquelé. Today, Vlisco is an International brand with a rich heritage and many heart-warming stories to tell. Stories of family history, inheritance and of fabrics that have deeper meaning and are honoured with names of endearment by their consumers and traders. The story is as such ever evolving.
Vlisco, the true original.