13.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

Affordable fashion, premium quality. That’s what Color Block offers YOU!
The collection of this autumn/winter consists of lots of blue and black, patterns and prints, actually really accessible pieces which will suit everyone!

What will YOUR first purchase be?



12.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

Made ​​in Italy, but Californian soul inspired.
Its collections represent the world of bikers, lovers of Harley Davidson, ideal for those who are inspired by the style of life “on the road”.

Become the king of the road in YOUR rock & roll clothes, and give YOUR house a rough finishing touch with their cool new carpets!


NEW ARRIVALS; Golden Goose

11.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

Absolute must-haves entered our store!
GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND. For men who really know what’s cool, love comfort and want to wear something special every day.

We offer a lot of different styles and as the only store in Belgium we even have the white edition sneaker!
But to keep it exclusive we don’t have that much sizes. So the only thing left to say; Don’t be late!



10.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

Some special attention for the wonderful Sessùn jackets.

By mixing classic Parisian design with touches from the 21st century, they present again a stunning collection! Using the best wool’s and other fabrics, Sessùn makes us really crave for winter!


More stock! See Concept

09.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

Located in Paris, (despite the english name) See Concept has created innovative, colourful designer glasses which “facilitate eyesight on a daily basis”. After observing that the traditional reading glass product offerings were mediocre and lacking in style, quality and colours, See Concept launched LetmeSee, a fashionable range of  “unmissable” designer, colourful and accessible reading glasses!

We’ve got new stock in our store.. more choice, more joy!



08.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

The brand NEUW Denim was born in Nieuwlandstraat, Brussels. This is where Philip and his brother Pär (originally form Stockholm) began to tailor and alter vintage pieces from their denim archive and where the idea of ‘Vintage Revision’ was born; collecting vintage denim pieces from all over the world, reshape, re-cut and tailor them.

In short..PREMIUM denim reinvented, for men and women!
Quality shape, quality fabrics, cool details.

The Ring.
The Neuw ring which hangs from the front right belt loop of every pair of Neuw jeans is in memory of the beautiful fob watch given to Par by his grandfather. Par would keep this watch in the front pocket of his favorite jeans secured by the chain to the belt loop. One drunken evening in Stockholm the watch met its demise and all that remained was the fastening ring which Par kept as a memento, liking the look and ultimately fastening one to every pair of Neuw jeans.

Repair Stitch.
Neuw is a modern brand inspired by vintage denim and the culture around denim. For us, a traditional deck stitch didn’t feel right. When we looked through Par’s collection of jeans he has worn until they’ve almost disintegrated. Many had personal repair stitches where his wallet had broken through the back right pocket. The Neuw repair stitch became our signature, ‘scribbled,’ you could say, on every pair of Neuw jeans.

The back hem dart is a symbol of the roots of Neuw and how everything started for us; The Vintage revision design philosophy where we adapt traditional silhouettes for a contemporary look.