Daniele Alessandrini

07.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Go classy this December!
From the heart of the Italian textile industry, Daniele Alessandrini presents a fine and subtle collection with it’s characterizing aspects. Made with creativity, originality and eye for detail. Check out the most precious items in our store!

Available in a small quantity, guaranteed exclusiveness!



Buy them yourself!

06.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Didn’t get any presents last night?
Then buy them yourself!

We have beautiful cotton sweaters, as well as woolen or cashmere knitwear. Short length, medium length or oversized almost until ankles. With buttons to wear half open, or a slightly narrower neck which makes your hair look fluffy after chancing clothes.

We would love to help you make the right decision!



Worship tradition

05.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Boost your wardrobe with a complete new outfit from Denham!

Contrary to popular belief, traditions aren’t honoured by blind mindless repetition. Traditions are advanced through systematically challenging convention in a continual search for improvement. Denham adds to tradition through trial-and-error, through innovation and invention. Traditions are ignited and revitalised through inspired acts of respectful revolution.

Respectful acts of revolution are also fun as hell and they prevent Denham from taking theirselves too seriously. WORSHIP TRADITION DESTROY CONVENTION: Denim culture taught them these things, but their significance isn’t limited to denim. These values underpin everything they do.




Quality urban goods crafted with pride


Complete YOUR individual look with crafted jewellery, wallets, headwear, and other quality urban goods from Icon Brand. Inspired by music, travel and youth culture these items will give YOUR outfit an authentic, original and urban finishing!

Even if you wasn’t planning to buy it yourself, or expecting it to get one from your girlfriend this year…
Either one of you will get convinced!




Match YOUR mood

03.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Every mood needs an outfit. What are you going to wear today?
Don’t know yet?
Here’s some options!

Eleven Paris | Modström | Denham | Twin-Set



New at YOUR!


Pretty is my problem: What you wear, starts with your hair.
Pimp Amsterdam gives you a chance to create your preferred style every day. Whether it is Spic & Span for daily care, or Beauty & Brains during an exciting night out. Pimp yourself with PIMP Amsterdam.


No Guts No Glory.
Shampoo | Conditioner | Cream
Restores the health of dry, brittle and fine hair while strengthening its structure. The result is healthy, manageable hair in perfect condition with a unique shine. Ideal to use for stressed hair and hair straightener lovers.


For Daily Use Only.
Shampoo | Conditioner | Mask
Hydrating, moisturizing. Optimal care for your hair, leaving it soft looking, smooth and shiny, without the product weighing it down.

Beauty & Brains Volume
Shampoo | Conditioner | Spray
You’ll get ‘big hair’ and will surely impress your own Mr. Pimp. It brings fragile, lifeless and thin hair in top condition. Everyone will be surprised at your huge hair.

No Fat Daddy Waxx | Oldschool wax whith which everything is possible; from straight to scruffy hair. The No Fat Daddy waxx dries quickly, does not feel greasy and gives the right shine. Just cool!
Cassius Clay | A victorious match; the look you desire. With the thick Cassius Clay paste (cream?) you create any style without hair grease. It defines, gives texture and provides a casual hairstyle that you can continue to model.
Dictator Creator | Gives an ”all round shape”, flexible strength and a medium shine. Washes out easily and isn’t greasy.


No Fairytale Gold serum | The organic extracts ensure that curly hair is smooth and defined or will just deliver a very natural look. It adds a huge dose of shine to straight hair and controls frizz. Even though it’s not a fairy tale; you will live happily ever after….
Salt No Pepper spray | Every day this spray will give your hair that sexy beach effect. A spray based on seaweed for volume and flexibility. A typical day at the beach has that effect. Works well with other volume products. Towel- or blow-dry. Not just for use in the summer!