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YOUR way of life is not just about fashion. It’s about everything.
That’s why we offer you also some stylish accessories and furniture for YOUR home.
This season our collection is full of warm and timeless elegance. The strength of quality and luxury of customization. The accent colors are gold and copper.

Enjoy golden hours. Find warmth and light. All space for yourself or for each other.
The big pleasure of true luxury. A real home and timeless memories. Cherish the small and dream big.

Here’s a short preview!


A storm of inspiration

08.10.2014 / PRODUCTS

Imagine darkly churning seas and squall hammered harbour sides of an industrial maritime landscape. Windswept and weather beaten, Denham’s Fall Winter 2014 collection chronicles the events of a winter tempest on and iron coast. They have worked with classic workwear influences and more urgent artisan constructions from an earlier era – The Perfect Storm meets Shakespeare’s Tempest.
As always, they have filtered these impulses through Denham’s modern design handwriting.

As coatmakers they have waited patiently through the warm months of spring and summer, to indulge their seasonal passion for Fall and Winter: outerwear. Ignited by their latest vintage discoveries and most recent outings, they have uncovered another rich trove of design ideas.
The 1960’s Canadian fishtail parka has inspired their new flagship ‘Fjord’ design. Green jacket available at YOUR! And their signature fusion of a 1940’s Belgian winter-spock and 1980’s British denison jacket has been completely re-imagined in the form of the all new quilt-through ‘Puffin’ jacket.  Available in yellow and blue at YOUR!


Lubin. Perfume maker since 1798


Just after the French Revolution, Pierre Francois Lubin founded his Perfume House, at rue Sainte Anne in Paris. He provided perfumed ribbons, ball masks and ride powders to the ‘Incroyables” and “Merveilleuses”. His most famous creation however was the “Eau Vivifiante” later called “Eau de Lubin”.
The fragrance soon won him the favour of the Imperial court.

Today some special attention to these 3 Lubin fragrances.
Figaro; “An aromatic, green, woody chypre”
L’eau neuve; “Cool breeze and simply keynote”
Inédite; “A fresh but sweet, spicy “floriental” fragrance”


Prepare for the worst

06.10.2014 / PRODUCTS

Prepare yourself for the worst and be equipped with the best winter jacket available.
The Canada Goose jackets will provide you with the warmth and the comfort that is needed with all upcoming weather conditions.

Canada Goose uses coyote fur around the hoods on their jackets because it never freezes, doesn’t hold water, and the uneven hair lengths create a windbreak that protects exposed skin, helping to reduce heat loss from the face. This holds as true in urban environments as much as it does in the high Arctic.

Canada Goose uses the best blends of down to suit the specific requirements of each of our jackets. All of their blends include some Hutterite down, among the most premium Canadian down available. Its ability to retain more warm air than other types of down results in lighter weight jackets that don’t sacrifice warmth.

YOUR jacket will never let you DOWN!


Cashmere knitwear, fine shirting and luxury men’s clothing.

05.10.2014 / PRODUCTS

Artu Napoli holds true to its Italian roots, with their luxury men’s clothing.
The new collection of beautiful cashmere knitwear, fine shirting and well known perfect fit pants, will also suit you!

Give YOUR wardrobe some class with Italy’s finest.


Perfect men’s gift

04.10.2014 / GADGETS / GIFTS

Have you already seen our recently renewed book area?
More space to give our books the attention they deserve.
And a place to sit down, for our beloved customers who want to have a preview.

You can find books about art, lifestyle, living, fashion, interior and product design and of course cars!
Perfect men’s gift! Fits on each coffee table.