Ben Sherman

26.02.2015 / MALE FASHION

Ben Sherman.. from heritage prints to sharp, directional design their latest range takes a nostalgic look at the Great British Summer.
Including items from the Beetles&Bugs collection …

They felt that the process of entomology (insect collecting) really captured the attention to detail that Ben Sherman is renowned for and the way that beetles and bugs are displayed in glass cases during the process of entomology creates a pattern that works perfectly for prints and embroidery.

Additionally, some of the images they used for inspiration had a strong Charles Darwin feel – reminiscent of a time before photography when hand-drawn details were so important. Charles Darwin’s response to the beauties of nature gave rise to some of the most lyrical art of the nineteenth century and this is something they wanted to capture when creating Beetles and Bugs collection.

The strong nod to nature, prominent in their previous collections, was definitely in mind during this process as well; they loved the fact that some of the beetles they studied were very obscure and almost prehistoric looking. We’re not talking about your average garden beetle here!



Lack of inspiration?

29.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Want to go outside for a walk guys? No inspiration?
Well, here’s some options.

LEFT. Jacket; Daniele Alessandrini. Scarf; Knowledge Cotton Apparel.
RIGHT. Jacket; Ben Sherman. Scarf; Revolution.

LEFT. Jacket; Scotch&Soda. Scarf; Knowledge Cotton Apparel.
RIGHT. Jacket; Eleven Paris.

Whatever you like

24.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

At YOUR you can score.. everything!
From plain v-neck pullovers, to rainbow knitted jumpers, camo patterned crewnecks and warm woolen sweaters. Our dedicated crew will help you complete YOUR wardrobe this winter!

Artu Napoli / Ben Sherman / Diesel / Eleven Paris / Fred Perry / 
Knowledge Cotton Apparel / Religion / Denham / Scotch&Soda


Green and tweed

18.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Inspired by the english dandy, hunters fashion and the military look, green/kaki colors, are a must-have this winter. For men and women we have a lot of premium quality coats and jackets.
Don’t be too late. It’s getting cold so the jackets are flying out of the store!



14.08.2014 / PRODUCTS

Ben Sherman was a legend in his own right. A man described as ‘always embracing the new and the different’; someone constantly searching for the best of things. He disliked regularity, preferring to search out things that were perceived as unavailable to him. He was a passionate businessman with an artist’s soul.

In 1963 he launched the first Ben Sherman shirt influenced by the classic American Ivy League shirt.
This British youth culture embraced the Ben Sherman shirt, loving it for its quality, slim-fitting style, its colour and unique design.

As a tribute to the British youth now go for the real Britishness with union flag printed, or red and blue colored shirts. Or make a deliberate style choice by #buttonup (buttoning up the top button of YOUR shirt). Something that’s been done since 1963.