Brian Dales: denim range

27.09.2013 / PRODUCTS

Brian Dales is an Italian based clothing label.We really like their new denim collection I think that it has pieces that definitely have style but look effortless . We love their use of modern trends and how they incorporate them into more traditional pieces. Check out how they have trendy casual stuff that you would wear when you are just hanging out and then they have more professional clothes for work. It’s a nice balance!

YOUR summer shoe walhalla: Brian Dales

21.04.2013 / PRODUCTS

Brian Dales: the tradition of tailoring

24.09.2012 / PRODUCTS

With solid roots in the tradition of tailoring and an urban chic aesthetic with a romantic soul, Brian Dales is characteristically simple and intriguingly perfect. Launched in 1995 by Christian and Stefano Calmonte, the collection is hand-sewn in Italy, providing a contemporary wardrobe distinguished by high quality. Now available at YOUR Men’s Department.