Holy… gift


Jun Takahashi created the Holygrace and Holygrapie perfumes drawing inspiration from its creature GRACE and his child GRAPIE !
The first is along the lines of elegance, soap, freshness and poison (with notes of bergamot, ginger and pepper), while the second reflects the smell of babies, kindness, sensuality and spice. Another excellent collaboration with Comme des Garçons which is available at YOUR Fragrance Department.

undercover-holygrace-holygraphie-perfume Holography

Introducing COMME des GARCONS; Wonderoud

03.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

Oud, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Vetiver and Guaiac Wood…

WONDEROUD is the ultimate incarnation of wood expressed through the most exquisite wood notes– OUD. One of nature’s most precious gifts, Oud is worth its weight in gold. An aromatic resin, scented with subtle notes, Oud is known as The Black Gold of Perfumers. Used only for the most precious and mythical concoctions, its powerful and rich character brings a woody, animal, balsamic and even honey feel and texture to a fragrance. 

100% Natural Oud extracted from resinous Aquilaria trees grown sustainably in South East Asia. A powerful yet fluid structure written around an overdose of precious woods, with most of the wood ideas concentrated in the heart, rather than the base. 

Wonderoud is lavish, indulgent, uncompromising. The creation of the ultimate wood fragrance, celebrating Oud, the most precious wood of all.


Luxe Patchouli


Luxe Patchouli by Comme des Garcons is a Woody Spicy fragrance for women and men. Top notes are bearberry, white pepper and fenugreek; middle notes are patchouli, opoponax and oak; base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver and cedar. Delicious scent!

Comme des garçons Red series: one hot, smokin’ mama of a scent


Forget about those fake dyed-blue carnations Mr. Prom Date parked on your wrist, CdG’s RED series are drop-dead smoldering sexy. Velvety carnation is served up with fiery red pepper and cloves-this is one hot, smokin’ mama of a scent that’ll challenge anybody to say carnations are old fashioned. And it’s never heavy or cloying. If you love your florals with fire and spice, Carnation may inspire you to slip on a tight red dress and do a siren dance on a volcano.

Comme 3: blend of modern and organic


What would a flower that didn’t exist smell like? CdG3 was born from a dream by its creator, in which an electric flower shines out of a lava-filled nothingness. Completely living up to that Sci-Fi inspired dream, CdG3 is a fragrantly opalescent rendering of what it would be like to find a never before seen or imagined flower growing on another planet. By turns bold and elusive, energetic and bewitching, the top and middle notes of black rose oxide, mace, angelica and basil spring up from the earthier base notes of cedar, birch and sandalwood, drying down to a fresh, mysterious, powdery greenness. A seamless blend of modern and organic, seething and subtle, CdG3 captures all that we love about these kind of dreams: pure, tangible possibility. Available at YOUR fragrance department.

Comme des Garçons: a play of light and shadows

01.05.2013 / PRODUCTS

Comme des Garcons 2 is a play of light and shadows, inspired by the Japanese art of calligraphy. The light side of the fragrance create new aldehydes, orange, mandarin and magnolia. The black side is ink. This unusual alliance is followed by the sharp oriental composition of patchouli, labdanum, amber, vetiver, Chinese cedar and juniper. Just like the first fragrance, Comme des Garcons 2 is a fragrance for a personality regardless its gender.