”HER” new All Star’s

28.02.2014 / PRODUCTS

Converse = Sneakers. And Converse = Change. They started on the court and got adopted on the street. They began as a rubber company to make sneakers and boots, and then They’ve found basketball and reinvented the sport. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker became the court sneaker: it stood for the game.


YOUR new Converse sneakers (ALL STARS) are in store now. Check our female shoe department for more colors and designs.


YOUR winter-shoe-walhalla

16.12.2013 / PRODUCTS

This season we offer a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge collection of different shoe brands in all different price ranges….

  • Ladies night out? Try a pair of See by Chloé shooty’s (and be the queen of the club!)
  • A chill-out evening with the lads? Wear a pair of Officine Creative or Santoni shoes  (and get served like no other!)

Wanna see more? Come and visit us TODAY and find out all about our great shoe departments  (and all other damn fine and amazing products…)


Converse: back to school blues

25.08.2013 / PRODUCTS

Get the band back together! With these leather girly all star sneakers from converse will get you to dive right into the back-to-school blues. Be quick before they run out!

NEW IN: Converse All Stars for her

22.08.2013 / PRODUCTS

YOUR summer shoe walhalla: Converse

22.04.2013 / PRODUCTS

Chuck “Neon” Taylor

17.04.2013 / PRODUCTS

Continuing to reinvent the iconic Chuck Taylor, Converse again deliverers another iteration to its ongoing classic. For spring/summer, the American sneaker brand has crafted a vintage fluorescent sneaker in 3 neon colours. Why wait any longer? Come and get yours now.