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13.10.2013 / NEWS, PRESS, RANDOM

Check out the surprise of the day…!!!!



Diesel: a collection filled with a rock and underground attitude

27.08.2013 / PRODUCTS

The new Diesel collection takes inspiration from camouflage and modifies it creating a collection filled with a rock and underground attitude.

Black and greys are the institutional colors of the collection and are highlighted by bold winter colors such petrol blue, touches of purple and violet and brick red on knits and pants. The core theme is the juxtaposition of dressy and informal never living aside the rock soul!

Diesel: the lighter side of its rock heroine

08.08.2013 / PRODUCTS

The Diesel Fall / Winter preview collection reveals the lighter side of its rock heroine as she plays with nude tonessheer fabrics and soft pastel colours, without losing her strong attitude. This is a bohemian interpretation of Diesel’s rock: freenaturalrestless; as light as autumn leaves but as stunning as late summer flowers. In store now!

Diesel is ready for summer!

12.06.2013 / PRODUCTS

For this summer, Diesel woman uses the most seductive weapons in her wardrobe to create killer looks for the entire weekend. Combining sensuality and femininity, the collection compliments the innate confidence of all Diesel Women. Now in store!

When Diesel meets Marc Jacobs…

29.05.2013 / PRODUCTS

Spotted: Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a pair of Diesel Fayza jeans!

28.05.2013 / PRODUCTS

Gwyneth Paltrow was seen running some errands around North London, England a couple of days ago. The paps caught her getting into a parked car. We were really excited when I saw these photos as I knew instantly that Gwyneth was wearing a pair of Diesel Fayza jeans! We love the Fayza cut from the brand as it’s such a relaxed and casual fit, but the back pockets are smaller so they don’t elongate the butt! Available at YOUR female dept.!