Check the PRINTS!!!

13.03.2014 / PRODUCTS

Hey ladies! These are the prints you should buy for spring! Have a look in store at our brands like Reiko, Hudson and Dr.Denim!

Visit us at  Kloosterstraat 90 and let us shopentertain you!!!


Amazing new pieces of Dr.Denim in store.

28.09.2013 / PRODUCTS

Look of the day

18.11.2012 / PRODUCTS

This look has the following must-haves:

shirt — dr.denim
pants — minimum

watch — void
suspenders — dr.denim

shoes – Marc Jacobs

For this look, YOUR hairdresser used CHI matte wax.

Come by the store and try this amazing outfit!

Dr.Denim: a matter of life and denim

29.10.2012 / PRODUCTS

Dr. Denim sees the world through fashionably geeky eyes, creating a contemporary interpretation of denim and wearable classic looks with a modern twist. Seeking greatness through simplicity. To put it simple: it’s a matter of life and denim! Available at YOUR female department!

The tribute to the early chino

17.10.2011 / PRODUCTS

This tribute to early utilitarian chinos gives you a slightly dressier appearance. Creating modern classic looks with a twist and a sense of intellectual curiosity. Seeking greatness through simplicity. Loads of Dr.Denim chinos in store now!

Jeans are science.

02.08.2011 / PRODUCTS

The Dr.Denim summer range emphasises their ‘cross-roads’ style with a collection of jeans, chinos, polo shirts and t-shirts derived from the conflicts between the moral and primal outlooks of the humble boy scout. In store!