Feeling good in the city and in your clothes…

20.09.2014 / PRODUCTS, RANDOM

That’s what it’s about, explains the design studio from ELEVENPARIS.
“We travel to the four corners of the globe (and Tumblr…) on a quest for artistic discoveries and new inspirations”. This allows the brand to capture the zeitgeist, designing the ELEVENPARIS urban silhouette.

Wear YOUR items with a nonchalant air, combining humour, pop culture, rock references and contemporary cool! What we show you next is just the mens department…


Introducing Eleven Paris Mini

30.08.2014 / PRODUCTS

A new member of the Eleven Paris family; Eleven Paris Mini!

Kate Moss, Will Smith, Superman.. now also for babies!
Life is a joke! So let the little ones laugh too!
Check out the complete collection at YOUR store.



Eleven Paris: Young, loud and in-your-face.

08.02.2013 / PRODUCTS

Eleven Paris is so many things we look for in a fashion brand; they aren’t afraid to stand out, and that’s why they’ve been so successful recently. Young, loud and in-your-face, Eleven Paris’s fame has a lot to do with its prints – which often contain iconic pictures of celebrities and pop-culture references, such as their moustached Kate Moss, Jessica Biel and even Mona Lisa T-shirt prints. They smash all of the barriers, and especially by creating an even better collection each time. The best example is their new Spring/Summer collection, which just arrived in store. Shorts, cardigans, shirts, sweaters and many more…waiting for you!!!

Eleven Paris kicks off with new seasonal must haves.

30.01.2013 / PRODUCTS

The Parisian lifestyle brand Eleven Paris continues the mustache-hype by creating loads of fresh new prints for Spring/Summer to come. From Marilyn Monroe to Tupac Shakur, they offer it all! Combined with some great colourful new chinos, this seasonal collection can’t go wrong!!! Now in store, be quick!


15.01.2013 / PRODUCTS

Eleven Paris is still rocking the mustache for next Spring!
Another great line in collaboration with great famous artist like Wiz Khalifa.
Don’t let your “Life is a joke”-shirt wash off, get yourself a new one no one has ever seen!

Look of the day

24.11.2012 / PRODUCTS

This look has the following must-haves:

jacket – C.P. Company
hoodie – deus ex machina
shirt – eleven paris
shoes – folk
bracelet – buddha to buddha

For this look, YOUR hairdresser used CHI matte wax.

Don’t forget to come by the store and try this amazing outfit!