First come, first served.

31.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Last chance to buy YOUR jacket this year!
We have a lot of last sizes and they won’t be here for long..
So first come, first served.

When you’re around, you better take this opportunity to spoil yourself.
Because watching fireworks without a jacket is no option.


Every occasion needs a jacket.

23.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

It might get colder, but that doesn’t mean you’re riding your bike during a blizzard everyday.
Sometimes you go for a walk in the park, the other day you have to visit your family, you might even decide to go on a city-trip..
For every occasion we have a few jackets to choose from.

Besides that, a blue jacket won’t fit your army pants, so make sure you also have a couple to choose from to match your outfit. See you soon!


Swedish maffia jackets in da house

24.11.2013 / PRODUCTS

Elvine: A Swedish brand that mixes style and comfort and lifts their jackets to a next level. This season we offer you a wide range of winter jackets that will prepare you for the upcoming winter days.

You can find these bad-ass jackets at the men’s department at YOUR premium store.



Elvine and YOUR present…

01.06.2013 / NEWS

Elvine: even more chino’s for winter!

12.11.2012 / PRODUCTS

New additions to our chino-family: the Elvine slimson velours in 4 different colours! If you haven’t found your chino-match yet, you will now!!


09.09.2012 / PRODUCTS

Elvine is a Swedish clothing brand inspired by Gothenburg’s unrefined subcultures and the legacy of traditional craftmanship. The brand creates sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behaviour. And that behaviour is at its best when you do it in style! Speaking of style, we have Elvine chino’s in loads of colours. It’s just a matter of finding your fit and buying all the colours you like! GO CHINO! GO COLOUR!