Some fine retro musical-headgear


Enter Eskuche Headphones – a new purveyor of fine retro musical-headgear. They sound pretty solid, delivering clear, crisp sound with a surprising amount of noise reduction. They include two interchangeable fabric-covered cords, a standard one and one with a microphone (for you iPhone users I think… or maybe videogamers? I’m not sure! I might be too old for this stuff). They’re also comfortable, which is important to anyone like me who might be wearing them for 4+ hours at a time (during finals week, bleh). In fact, they’re significantly more comfortable than my last pair of headphones – possibly due to the leather strap across the top, instead of the plastic padded prong usually found on headphones like these. Of the Eskuche models I’ve tried, I personally think the rectangular “Control CPU” is more comfortable than the admittedly more stylish “33 1/3″ , which is round and comes in colors like chrome and gold.

But it’s models like the “33 1/3″ that really showcase what sets Eskuche apart. They’ve got a retro vibe going that’s pretty unique, and actually gets noticed. I kid you not, since I’ve been wearing mine I’ve gotten more than a few comments from out of the blue on them – ranging from “sweet phones” to “what yearare those from?” (incidentally, when I told him they were brand new he said “you got gyped” – apparently he’s not their target market). So if you’re into making a statement while also rocking out, then these are probably for you.