FOFFA: fixie going cliffhanger

19.10.2012 / PRODUCTS


13.08.2012 / PRODUCTS

Even if you’re not of the two wheeled, sweat your way to work, kinda guy…Foffa bikes are guaranteed to evoke a certain degree of gadget lust. YOUR has a whole lot of brightly coloured steel and rubber on display,  just begging to be combined into your own unique, personal design. It’s fairly hard to resist. We’ve build over 10 custom build bikes for you, to give you an impression of what’s possible. All for sale or customizable from scratch.

Single Speed beasts

19.07.2012 / GADGETS / GIFTS

Dani foffa started his passion working on vintage bikes in 2007 from his tiny flat whilst keeping his day job in the city. In 2009 he quit his job and took a risk to follow his passion and teamed up with photographer tyson sadlo to create foffa bikes. They then opened a shop in east london along with a few more passionate cyclist friends. Today, 10 kick ass single speed FOFFA bikes are available at YOUR. Completely handpicked and put together with love by our Bike Specialist Ken. Don’t like the bikes we have in store? No problem, you can easily put together your custom made bike with our very easy iPad tool! :)

We can’t wait for FOFFA!

20.06.2012 / GADGETS / GIFTS, NEWS

We’re waiting for a great delivery at YOUR! This week you will be able to check out YOUR premium collection of FOFFA-bikes!
10 brand new custom made fixed gear FOFFA bikes exclusive in Belgium! So if you see one you like, please remind that they are ready to go! ;-)

Best of all: you will get premium advice by YOUR bike specialist Ken. He will make sure you turn into one fine biker before hitting the road. Oh you didn’t find a bike of your taste? Don’t worry, you can order a complete bike, custom made by yourself (look and price) with our easy iPad-tool in store. Completely customizable from frame to wheels, crank and pedals, and so on…