Hanna Wallmark, an appreciated gift…

01.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Best time of the year to re-discover the wonderful collection of Hanna Wallmark.
Her natural leather bracelets decorated with magnificent braids of pewter-thread are exclusively hand-crafted in a genuine Scandinavian atmosphere.

Synonymous with an authentic and sophisticated lifestyle, it is assigned to men and women who wish to distinguish themselves by wearing jewels with a history but also with an exclusive signature!


To fall in love with…


Hanna Wallmark bracelets are made of natural leather decorated with magnificent braids of pewter-thread soaked in a silver-bath, the creations are all exclusively hand-made and have the exclusive signature of HANNA: creations of her own that distinguish her and make the brand a “must have” for lovers of beautiful fashion accessory. The way of proceeding makes every bracelet unique and preserves the nature and the persons who participate in the process of the creation and the manufacturing.

We just got a huge delivery, so we have more stock to choose from!
Perfect combination with your favorite outfit or watch;)


Hanna Wallmark: ready for gift season

26.10.2012 / PRODUCTS

Swedish designer, Hanna Wallmark, finds her inspiration in the people “Saamis”, the ancient people of the Northern Scandinavia and breeder of reindeers. Her creation; necklaces, bracelets and natural leather rings decorated with magnificent braids of pewter-thread, are exclusively hand-crafted in a genuine Scandinavian atmosphere. Hanna’s path is a personal relation with the traditional knowledge of her country and by combining a touch of fashion with a wide range of colors and braids the most successful associations are born and makes Hanna Wallmark much more than just a designer of jewels!

From natural to elegancy

18.06.2011 / PRODUCTS

Born in Lulea, the north of Sweden, border to Lapland, this enthusiast of nature and mankind left to discover the world at the age of 19. She left her homeland for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia before settling down in the south of France. In her luggage she brought some bracelets which are typical of her homecountry. In 2007 she created her french company -her brand-her models and have since then been working with the manufacturing in the northern sweden. She keeps on giving the traditional bracelets a personal touch and enriching them as the time goes by.

Today the bracelets echoes in Hanna’s heart as a human adventure, which continues to make a part of her sweden accessible to everyone… available in store!