More stock, more choice!

16.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

More happy socks in store!

A huge spectrum of color combinations and original patterns.
Buy your own and start spreading the happiness!
Because there’s a pair of high-quality socks for every occasion, mindset and style.


Happy Socks: flipped out patterns and happy colours

20.03.2013 / PRODUCTS

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most” said art critic John Ruskin, and that’s very much appliable on the men behind Happy Socks! With flipped out patterns and happy colours (and a nice price) are they trying to make your and mine day to day life a little better. Spice things up with something nice on your feet and legs! Available now at YOUR!

Happy Halloween with Happy Socks

30.10.2012 / PRODUCTS

Colourful socks have become super-popular among the fashion-conscious. With the ability to be mixed and matched in seemingly unlimited combinations, these socks with character open up new and exciting fashion possibilities. Speaking of possibilities: which pair of Happy Socks fits your HALLOWEEN-COSTUME? Because we have a scary huge range of colours and prints in store! So come and get yours tomorrow!

Happy Happy!

27.06.2011 / PRODUCTS

Hundreds of new Happy Socks in store! Their range is so HUGE, you’ll never go home with only one pair.