Goldy by Hayari

25.05.2012 / PERFUME

“Goldy” perfectly redefines French-style luxury, revealing the subtleties of a remarkable and unusual perfume: the accord of white jasmine has been chosen to evoke beauty, and orange blossom for its hints of reverie and travel. Sandalwood, musk and cedar enrich the olfactory landscape, injecting it with an enigmatic flavour. Like an evening dress for the red carpet, “Goldy” has a wealth of influences, including revisited fashions of yesteryear, symbolising a careful balance between refinement and extravagance, the very definition of luxury. Available at our Fragrance Department, where our Fragrance Expert Wim will be happy to help!

Broderie by Hayari

18.05.2012 / PERFUME

“Broderie”: an ode to total femininity. The lily, first of all, a symbol of purity, combines with gardenia, representing fidelity. The fruity notes of mandarin and peach refresh the floral bouquet, while the powerful woody scents of sandalwood and the luxuriant, sensual patchouli free the senses and whisper their mysteries. The result is dazzling, luxurious and ultra-feminine: the olfactory notes embellished with pink gold highlight the precious fabrics, creating a succession of evanescent floral fragrances, odes to grace and liberty. Our Fragrance Specialist will be happy to introduce you to this pure scent.

“Only for Her”

03.03.2012 / PERFUME

“Only for Her”, the new fragrance by HAYARI Couture of Paris, is made in Grasse, France in hand-numbered bottles, each one of a kind. The fragrance ingredients feature the white peony, queen of the oriental flowers combined with the elegance of themagnolia. This duet is blended with notes of jasmine, reminiscent of Mr. Hayari’s childhood garden. Some fruity notes of grapefruit and freesia bring to perfection the floral bouquet with hints of woody and powerful scents of sandalwood and patchouli to add a touch of mystery. The strength of the fragrance is “eau de Parfum” which is a unique formulation that allows you to wear it for day or night!

All the Celebs lined up to see this fragrance and experience the chic and luxurious bottle, hand numbered and filled individually which makes it a true boutique luxury fragrance. We couldn’t resist getting this fragrance in store. It’s available at our Fragrance Dept.!