Korres: 24 hour protection

26.05.2013 / PRODUCTS

Korres 24-hour deodorant protection that respects sensitive skin. With natural deodorising agents and extracts of Equisetum, provides effective protection against sweat and odor. Bisabolol active ingredient protects from irritation and leaves skin hydrated and soft. The deodorant range of Korres is now available at YOUR. Ask our Care Specialist for more info!

Korres: natural skincare, colour and body products

19.03.2013 / PRODUCTS

With roots in the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, Greece, Korres is committed to developing natural skincare, color, and body products that provide maximum results. Their formulations are among the most environmentally friendly and skin compatible available today, utilizing active natural extracts with antioxidant and skin-transforming benefits for clinically proven results. All new Korres, ready for Spring, available at YOUR beauty department!

Korres: only the best is good enough

25.01.2013 / PRODUCTS

Established in 1996 out of Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy, KORRES offers advanced natural formulations that deliver maximum results. They believe that what they leave out of our products is as important as what they put in. Korres is committed to developing safe, effective, natural products by avoiding chemicals and synthetic ingredients when possible, replacing them with beneficial, skin-compatible, naturally-derived ingredients. The products are further enriched with plant extracts. It’s clear that Korres only wants the best for you. So we includes some new products to our wide collection, like toothpaste, body milk and loads of others…

Join the Coconut-Club

10.01.2012 / CARE

Join the Coconut-Club and come and get this Coconut Milk Collection at our Beauty-department!
Just imagine sitting on a sunny white beach with palm trees and drinking a delicious cocktail while using these products!
The best way to start the new year!

Still looking for a gift for your beloved ones?

05.01.2012 / CARE

Your search is over!
With these gift-packs of Korres, you will dazzle your beloved ones!
Available in 3 scents-combos of Eau de toilettes and Body Milks!

Watermelon lightweight

11.08.2011 / CARE

Lightweight foundation cream for a radiant, sun-kissed look with broad-spectrum sun protection. A unique 3-in-1 products – moisturiser, sunscreen and make-up – oil free, formula with a fresh, smooth texture. It offers hydration, a uniform colour and medium coverage, whilst allowing the skin to “breathe”. Watermelon extract, rich in naturally occurring vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids, prevents photo-ageing and decreases erythema. Extract of vanilla and curcuma longa (turmeric) provide essential antioxidant protection.

Healthy in the sun AND smelling like a watermelon, that can’t be bad!!! This product is only a part of the whole Korres range we have in store, come and see for yourself!