Linda Farrow Luxe: Don’t hesitate any longer.

24.05.2012 / PRODUCTS

When Linda Farrow launched her sunglasses range in the 1970s, her pioneering use of shape helped move eyewear into high-fashion territory, with her avant-garde styles favored by stars including Yoko Ono. Linda Farrow Luxe is making it all possible! The ultimate luxury when it comes to eyewear, Linda Farrow is going all out with these sunnies…

The Row

15.08.2011 / PRODUCTS

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have upped the ante on their sunglasses collaboration with Linda Farrow. For Spring/Summer 2011, they’ve added leather and crocodile accents to a number of styles. The impetus, Ashley explains in the statement? “It’s about combining the allure and quality of the past with a modern aesthetic.”

The Row range is available at YOUR premium store!


03.08.2011 / PRODUCTS

Fashion wunderkind Alexander Wang hits us with these eye-popping sunglasses made in collaboration with Linda Farrow. Ranging from the shocking to the classic, with even the most subtle models carrying bold touches that have become the young designers’ trademark. Fancy a nice new designer shade? Come and drop by and our staff will gladly help you!


17.05.2011 / PRODUCTS

Linda Farrow’s designer shades are a true musthave for any hipster. Farrow created many sunglasses collaborating with other artists/designers. Lady Gaga, for example, is one of them.

We have a wide range of Linda Farrow sunglasses in store. Come and try what looks best on you!