Idole: Set the jungle on fire…

10.08.2011 / PERFUME

“Set the jungle on fire with a woody liqueur rich in scorching spices, as sweet as sugar cane, and as warm as leather”.
In my island refuge, the senses are omnipotent. The islanders drink rum and are massaged with balmy oils. I invite you, from the deck of a ship charged with precious woods, to contemplate the stars in the sky, resting your head on a soft leather bag that will be your only possession. A captivating feline creature with obsidian eyes revealed it to me just when I thought it was forgotten, or lost, or simply a dream… Only she could give fragrance to this new world called Lubin.

“From the shores of East Africa to the Sunda islands, from Zanzibar to Macassar, on the maritime spice routes, for centuries, nomadic people have set out, all sails to the wind, to face the storms…

The product of flower children

04.06.2011 / PRODUCTS

Let me tell you something about L’eau Neuve by Lubin.

Eau Neuve by Lubin, the product of flower children, epitomizes its time.

It included the traditional citrus orchard of oranges, lemons, and bergamots and aromatic notes such as thyme, chamomile, marjoram, and, of course, lavender. A harmonious, subtle accord of rose petals and jasmine could be detected in the background. The finishing touches to this well-built creation would have been incomplete without the woody notes of cedar and sandalwood, and the chypre accord of patchouli and real oak moss.

“L’Eau Neuve”, created in 1968, is the fresh scented reflection of a carefree freedom-loving era. The spring of 1968, when an entire generation was rebelling against France’s bourgeois conventions. This mass of energetic youth wanted nothing to do with “ladies’ perfumes,” fuelling a new trend for “Eaux Fraîches,” a new twist on traditional eau de cologne.

These fragrances were more concentrated than previous colognes and had a stronger essence added by discreet, crisp, and vibrant accords, giving them an elegant, lasting impact. These Eaux embodied  the rediscovery of natural ingredients, particularly the Mediterranean ingredients that made up the foundation  of Italian and French perfumeries in the 18th century.

These new Eaux Fraîches were a part of what was referred to as the “New Naturality”. However, the free-spirited women wearing this fragrance, from Katmandu to San Francisco, had no idea that Lubin’s “Eau Neuve” was not only a nod to the new generation and its desire for liberation, but also a tribute to a much older eau de toilette called Eau de Lubin, which was created in 1798. The term “Eau de Toilette” was used exclusively for Mr. Lubin’s creation. This fragrance first became popular among the refined gentlemen and ladies of that time, and later became the favorite of Empress Josephine and Queen Marie Amélie, the last queen of France.This connotation made it only natural that “Eau Neuve” would redefine perfumery and become the signature fragrance of a new generation!

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The creations of Lubin

01.06.2011 / PRODUCTS

We are very proud to present to you the creations of Lubin, a perfume house established in 1798. YOUR is the only point of sale in Belgium so we are able to offer you a unique and nostalgic brand that was gone for a while but not forgotten.

Lubin was extremely popular in Belgium during the seventies: “Gin Fizz” and “L’Eau Neuve” were the must haves of that decade. But the creations remain timeless and can be found at YOUR.

The house of Lubin regained his glory back again in the nineties thanks to Gilles Thévenin and a few private investors. Gilles Thévenin left his position as Creative Director at another much known perfume house to transform his passion for Lubin to what it became today.

Pierre-François Lubin, one of the greatest perfume makers in history, left an indelible mark on the art of perfumery. In 1790, he left Grasse for Paris to complete his training under Jean-Louis Fargeon, who was then serving as the official perfumer to Queen Marie-Antoinette. After the revolution, Lubin began distilling his own compositions at his premises in Paris. In 1798 he opened his first boutique, Au Bouquet de Roses, a discrete tribute to the Queen, who had by then met with her tragic fate.

His subtle blends and exotic fragrances soon made him popular with the most coquettish and sophisticated members of society and he became the most fashionable perfumer of the day.

Lubin was soon to become the favorite perfumer of 19th century European royal courts: King George IV of England, Empress Josephine Bonaparte, Princess Borghese Pauline Bonaparte, Marie-Thérèse of France and Tsar Alexander I of Russia.

The current collection counts ten creations which are handcrafted and made in France. Lubin makes no compromises regarding this policy whatsoever!

You can discover the beautiful presentation on the Official Lubin Web Page:

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