21.02.2015 / FEMALE FASHION

Modström embraces the season with brightness and optimism.

The colours are light and soft and have a wide span – from cool, classic summer colours to challenging sharp rich colours, which gives the palette harmonious colour scales. A new word is also born: Casformal. Casformal is the combination of casual and formal. It is the presentable formal style combined with the comfortable and relaxed style, which is the key component of this season. They want to explore, go to the limit and still be very conscious about maintaining the high quality Modström is known for.



100% warm

29.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Indeed, we can continue for months with showing you jackets…

Now that it’s getting colder you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and prepare yourself for the worst weather conditions. Each jacket will keep you warm and 100% fashionable this winter.


Black isn’t boring.

20.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

A black outfit actually allows you to go a little over-the-top with your ensemble.
Combining different shades, fabrics and accessories, an all-black outfit is utterly sophisticated.

We have a lot of black items at YOUR female department. Perfect for today, tomorrow, always.
What is a christmas without any black?


Buy them yourself!

06.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Didn’t get any presents last night?
Then buy them yourself!

We have beautiful cotton sweaters, as well as woolen or cashmere knitwear. Short length, medium length or oversized almost until ankles. With buttons to wear half open, or a slightly narrower neck which makes your hair look fluffy after chancing clothes.

We would love to help you make the right decision!


Match YOUR mood

03.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Every mood needs an outfit. What are you going to wear today?
Don’t know yet?
Here’s some options!

Eleven Paris | Modström | Denham | Twin-Set


Get dressed

27.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Now that December is almost there, it’s time to get dressed!
With a lot of upcoming parties with family and friends, you’d better make sure that you won’t be seen in the same outfit more than once.

That’s why we’ve made some preparations and selected a couple of outfits for different occasions.
We’re sure you will find YOURS as well!