The first frost is detected.

22.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Still didn’t find the perfect winter jacket?
You’d better hurry up, because they’re flying out!

Now that the first frost is detected, everybody is preparing themselves for the worst weather conditions.
We’re pretty sure you will succeed, because these pictures below show less than 30% of our women’s collection jackets.


High quality from premium brands

20.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

For those women who love to have a lot of choice, YOUR is heaven on earth.
Especially this winter we offer an enormous selection of high quality knits and sweaters.

Oversized knits in soft pastels or lazy sunday printed designs…
Even cropped jumpers and cable cardigans too.


Don’t catch a cold

14.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Maison Scotch, Sam NY, Sessun, Patrizia Pepe, Marie Sixtine, Unrealfur, Modström…
Just a couple of brands from which we have some fashionable but also practical jackets.

Below are just a few bits of our huge collection women’s coats.
Make sure you don’t catch a cold, and prepare YOURself before it’s too late!
See you soon.


Modström outerwear

24.10.2014 / PRODUCTS

Go to the limit with Modströms fall 2014 outerwear collection, which is all about surface and levels. Surfaces are woolen, structured or with a hairy look. The technical fabrics are crispy, coated or printed. The surface gives the feel of levels even if it is in colours, print, fabric structure or texture.

1st Above; Yvonne. 3M Thinsulate filling & cotton coated shell.
2nd Above; Yaffa. Polyester jacket, long bomber. Water resistant surface.
3th Above left; Ybine. 3M Thinsulate filling & nylon shell. Suitable for a cold winter with minus degrees down to -10-15 degrees.
3th Above right; Moon. 3M Thinsulate filling & cotton twill shell which makes it feel heavy, warm and wind proof.

1st Below; Frida. A little bit longer than the Moon jacket.
2nd Below; Yumi. 50% wool and 50% polyester. Oversized fitting. Warm as a blanket.
3th Below; Yakona. 3M Thinsulate filling & twill polyester lining which feels very smooth. The lamb leather details make it a really fashionable jacket.

Capture the major trends with attitude, technical details and functional shapes. Modström wants to explore, go to the limit and yet still be very conscious to maintain the superb quality that modström is known for. That is their strength.


12.08.2014 / PRODUCTS

Love at first sight with Modström pre fall collection.

We love the easy going and casual look with boyish references but also feminine twists.
On one hand the collection looks sportive and technical due to thick and textured fabrics..
but on the other side passion and harmony is visible through the use of jacquard prints, metallic foil, ruffled lurex and leather.

This is just the beginning…


Winter is on it’s way!!!

19.12.2013 / PRODUCTS

Modström: produces coats and knitwear made of the worlds best wool’s and perfected with fantastic leather details. This amazing line of Modström is absolutely available at YOUR premium store.

Visit our store A.S.A.P and find out if your size is still available!!!