“When you imagine Momotaro…”

12.08.2012 / PRODUCTS

Momotaro and Japan Blue continue to innovate while offering traditionally-styled denim products. The brand’s thorough proficiency with denim has developed into an inimitable expertise in the areas of production, dyeing and style. A decidedly clear duality of vintage and modern seem to characterize Momotaro as a label that continues to be one of the most globally sought after brands in a space where numerous Japanese denim brands haven’t been universally available in international markets. Not only preserving quality by maintaining strict manufacturing standards, the brand also acts as a testament to the importance of tradition by upholding its signature design aesthetic for decades. The beautiful Momotaro denim products are available at YOUR Denim Department.

When you imagine Momotaro, think Okayama. When you imagine Okayama, think jeans.

Momotaro: Made by hand without compromise.

27.12.2011 / PRODUCTS

Created with only the best natural materials, Momotaro Jeans achieves in producing jeans of a superior quality at any moment.
All you have to do is try on a pair and you will see it for yourself.
At Momotaro Jeans, the artisans have a saying: “Made by hand without compromise.”