02.02.2015 / WATCHES


They make the little shit better. The stuff you have that isn’t noticed first, but can’t be ignored. They pay attention to it. They argue about it. They work day and night to make the little shit as good as it can be, so when you wear it, you feel like you’ve got a leg up on the rest of the world.

They started as a frustration at a lack of quality watches that simultaneously do the talking for you and has since grown into a group of athletes, rock stars, retailers, and dedicated loyalists that bring Nixon products to market. Fueled by adventures far and wide and often sometimes by those that happen just down the street they deliver products that meet your needs in various high-stress work and play environments. It is through their dedicative team’s perspectives that they contribute to a single unified expression: team-designed, custom-built accessories for a life well lived. Welcome to Nixon.

Custom built from the ground up, attention is paid to the details in every watch they build.

Nixon watches


Concrete proof sound!



Bigger, better, louder, prouder and all without any bothersome wires or cords to get in your way. Mobile portability built tough to withstand the elements to take it anywhere. Grab it and go to a house-party, skate park, snow park or beach – all with Bluetooth connectivity means there are no limits to where it
can go. Now available, Blaster & Blaster-mini!


Shock and Water Resistant
Durable exterior designed to withstand the elements.
Snow / Street / Surf

Bluetooth Connectivity
Listen to music without messing with wires.

Big Sound
Custom audio signature.

Long Life Battery
Rock all day on a single charge.


Nixon, welcome to the new!

18.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

This season we’re bringing you the latest, custom-built Nixon watches.

The Nixon team was created with one goal in mind, to unify the best in the world into a team however diverse their talents, interests or style they combine their influence into one unified expression. That expression is formulated throughout our team and every Nixon product they make. The stories of their designers are told through the details of each product.

Blending style and sport, Nixon built men’s watches we can wear when we skate, when we snowboard, when we surf or when we don’t. Stainless steel, leather, canvas, rubber, PU, silicone – put on a Nixon and see what we mean.

Building on a foundation of custom-built, team-designed products that have something to say, our goal is creating women’s watches you didn’t know you needed but upon first glance you knew you couldn’t live without.


The Nixon range: black, silver, gold, rose gold. Endless possibilities.

20.09.2013 / PRODUCTS

Nixon 48-20: scaled to fit any situation

19.06.2013 / PRODUCTS

Scaled to fit any situation, the 48-20 is the alternative to the norm. Inspired by speed and torque measuring instruments, the wide eye chronograph is a nod to watch aficionados as to what’s under the hood. Bigger. Better. Stronger. Faster. Stainless steel doesn’t play coy when it comes to making a powerful statement. Lasting impressions from sandblasted, to high-polish, to IP coated and classic styling, stainless steel takes you there and back again. Limited edition 48-20 chrono, now available at YOUR watch department.

Nixon’s Sniper Collection, now in store!

13.06.2013 / PRODUCTS

When it comes to precision, nothing beats a Sniper. With merciless attention to detail, high-caliber custom engineering and the ominous optical effects of matte black and night-vision yellow, The Nixon Sniper Collection always hits the mark. Now available at YOUR.