And again, new new new PRPS goods & co in store!

03.10.2013 / PRODUCTS

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PRPS goods & co: Bruised, never broken.

13.03.2013 / PRODUCTS

Authenticity is the brand’s first priority. Each item in the collection is conceived with a specific purpose and function in mind. Before fashion PRPS is designed to be worn and utilized. In the pursuit of delivering perfect garments to the most discerning denim enthusiast, no detail is overlooked. PRPS uses African cotton combined with expert Japanese construction to create what we believe to be the fines product available. All new ranges of PRPS Noir, PRPS and PRPS Goods & Co. are now available at YOUR denim department!

PRPS goods & co: a true denim icon

17.01.2013 / PRODUCTS
PRPS (short for Purpose) goods & co by designer Donwan Harrell, produces denim-wear that has been designed only after painstaking research into the use and traditions of work-wear, militaria and hunting apparel. The resulting jeans and casual garments are created from top quality cottons. The brand’s trademark selvedge denim is crafted in Japan and then carefully aged and distressed to mirror the well-worn work-wear that is its inspiration. New denim of PRPS goods & co now in store.

PRPS Goods & Co: strong denim foundation

27.09.2012 / PRODUCTS

New York-based PRPS has landed at YOUR with their Prps Goods & Co. collection for Fall/Winter 2012. An aesthetic reflection of the personality behind the brand, this new line encompasses an early American outdoor lifestyle, offering a strong denim foundation paired with meticulously made items that stay true to the brand’s legacy of Japanese pieced goods with elaborate detailing. While each garment is reminiscent of authentic vintage inspiration, the collection will offer a complete brand experience, which is relevant to today’s desire for functional, purposeful and innovative clothing. The new collection is available at YOUR denim dept.