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Denim area, mens department.

Be amazed by the wide range of jeans we have in store!
Our dedicated crew will tell you every story behind the brands and their models.

For example..
Neuw denim

Fall in love with YOUR own pair of jeans.

What’s your purpose?

25.02.2012 / PRODUCTS

Don’t know? Well luckily we do!
It’s to come and try on these amazing PRPS denim! In addition to these raw jeans, you could also add a PRPS jacket to your wardrobe to complete the rough chic style every man needs to have.

PRPS chino’s new in store!

18.02.2012 / PRODUCTS

Goods & Co.

09.02.2012 / PRODUCTS

PRPS Goods & Co create collections with the same exacting detail and authentic finishing the New York based luxury denim brand PRPS are known for. A strong selection of jeans made from Japanese sourced fabrics can be seen alongside meticulously made and finished shirts jackets and knitwear.

Available at our Denim Department!

PRPS; Handmade denim for the luxury type.

13.12.2011 / PRODUCTS

Hey guys! Are you ready for New Year’s eve…but not into wearing a fancy suit?
Do you rather want to go a bit more edgy but not lose the exclusiveness?
Then the PRPS (Purpose) denim-pants are perfect for you! Handmade denim for the luxury type.

A true collector’s item for you denim-lovers out there!

Authenticity is their first priority

02.09.2011 / PRODUCTS

Each item in the collection of PRPS is conceived with a specific purpose and function in mind. Before fashion, PRPS is designed to be worn and utilized. In the pursuit of delivering perfect garments to the most descerning denim enthusiast, no detail is overlooked. PRPS uses African cotton combined with expert Japanese construction to create what we believe to be the finest product available on the denim market. Now available at YOUR.