27.07.2011 / GADGETS / GIFTS

Can you imagine the note pad that Mr. Rubik jotted down his ideas on? It was probably very boring and conventional. Well, thanks to him and to years of cubing fun, we now have a notepad worthy of jotting down our genius ideas. Introducing, the Rubik’s Cube Note Pad!

It looks like a Rubik’s Cube from afar, but the Rubik’s Cube Note Pad is actually a cleverly colored notepad. Sure it looks good, but it also has 700 notes waiting to have your thoughts, reminders, warnings, ransom notes, etc. written on them. And by the time you have solved this cube (aka: run out of notes), imagine all the brilliant ideas you will have had. The Rubik’s Cube Note Pad – not only will it let you write down your ideas; it will inspire them, as well! Come and get in at YOUR premium store’s gadget department!