A mix of colours, prints and knits.

19.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Give YOUR outfit a boost with a nice and warm scarf.
Wear a thinner, neutral color, pointed-forward in a tight shirt for a classy look. Or choose the circular scarf for the casual look. Longer thick scarfs work great with sweaters and tough parka’s.
The design and material determine the style you want to adopt. 


Welcome to the world of bikers

05.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Rude Riders is slightly different than other brands. It’s tough, rugged and known for its strong prints with skulls, feathers, bones and indians. The brand helps every woman to be unique by offering very stylish biker’s products. Even if you don’t love bikes, the specials washings and fittings of the clothing will make you love the brand. It’s inspired by the american biker style, but combining those elements with european fashion aspects makes it a lot more wearable.
Seriously, it’s worth to take a look at our t-shirts, sweats, ponchos, tunics and even carpets from Rude Riders! If they, by chance,  convince you to start riding a bike, you can even buy your first Rude Riders helmet at YOUR.



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12.09.2014 / PRODUCTS

Made ​​in Italy, but Californian soul inspired.
Its collections represent the world of bikers, lovers of Harley Davidson, ideal for those who are inspired by the style of life “on the road”.

Become the king of the road in YOUR rock & roll clothes, and give YOUR house a rough finishing touch with their cool new carpets!


Huge pillows


Rude Riders is an Italian brand that was founded in Treviso, a brand made ​​in Italy for manufacturing but Californian soul inspiring. Besides their rock & roll clothes, they launched amazing and best of all HUGE pillows with incredible prints. A bunch of those pillows are still available at YOUR and can be found all over our store!


Born to be wild, with these Rude helmets…

23.03.2014 / PRODUCTS

Exclusively at YOUR: these bad-ass helmets by Rude Riders. With these helmets you’re the king of the road and you’ll be safe and sexy at the same time. Stock is limited so be quick and take one of these beauties on the road with you.

We hope to see you soon at YOUR premium store.


That’s a ‘Redicilous-Rude-Retecoole’ Jacket

19.11.2013 / PRODUCTS

No comprimises man! Just real passion!

RudeRiders is ‘self contained style’, RudeRiders is ‘emotion’…. not just fancy fashion items to put on, but apparel to live!!!

This leather jacket (for example) represents ‘the true bikers spirit’  RudeRiders exhales..

Only  1 piece of each  size in stock @ YOUR premium store … so… it’s up to you right now to assess yourself:

‘Do you breath enough ‘bikers-spirit’ for wearing RR.. ??’