The colors of Scotch & Soda: make you ENJOY LIFE!

18.02.2014 / PRODUCTS

Bring some color to your wardrobe and the dark day’s will fly by!!!

All new Scotch & Soda for men in store now!


25.09.2013 / PRODUCTS

Scotch & Soda loves to make great garments that suit every individual. They want men to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. Scotch & Soda products are rich in detail, high quality and affordable. The designers at Scotch spare no effort or expense at detailing and fine-tuning samples, all the way to the neatly finished interior of each garment. Check out this SUPER PARKA by them in store!

The new Scotch & Soda: vintage chique

14.09.2013 / PRODUCTS

All new Scotch & Soda for men in store now!

Flowerbomb alert!

31.05.2013 / PRODUCTS

Flowerbomb alert! The Bowie all-over printed flower pants and shorts are designed for guys who dare to be different. Combine with a white tee and espadrilles for a funky yet stylish summer look. A garantueed eye catcher!

What it’s made of: 100% summer!

Scotch & Soda: creativity is king.

29.09.2012 / PRODUCTS

At Scotch & Soda, creativity is king. It’s about the clothes and nothing but the clothes. Advertising is virtually non existent, “People who feel confident about themselves, don’t need logos to show the world what they’re about”. We would like to invite you to try on these new chino’s by Scotch & Soda. Once you’ve found your fit it’s only a matter of which (or how many) colours you like!

Amsterdam’s Blauw

04.08.2011 / PRODUCTS

Scotch & Soda is definitely a label to watch. This season, Dutch-based denim label Scotch and Soda is introducing a new product line called Amsterdams Blauw. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of its American and Japanese denim counterparts, the line takes its name from a striking shade of blue that’s formed by mixing a special indigo from China and Japan with an oil-based paint. The color has been used for centuries in Amsterdam and is commonly used today on things like street signs and house number plates. In this short video previewing the collection, we see the unique medium blue colorway used on a number of pieces like a broken-in shirt and blazer or a pair of whiskered and distressed jeans.

Amsterdams Blauw Denim Spring/Summer 2011 from Scotch & Soda on Vimeo.