Who wears short shorts ?

20.06.2014 / PRODUCTS

We wear short shorts..
We like short shorts..

That’s why we have so many different models and brands in store!

We have a variety of shorts, ranging from knee-length jersey pants, cargo and tailored shorts to the ultra-shorts, denim shorts and even swim shorts.
Get ready for YOUR summer..

skin gets darker
drinks get colder
nights get longer
shorts get shorter



The colors of Scotch & Soda: make you ENJOY LIFE!

18.02.2014 / PRODUCTS

Bring some color to your wardrobe and the dark day’s will fly by!!!

All new Scotch & Soda for men in store now!

Maison Scotch: Through the Eyes of a tiger.

15.02.2014 / PRODUCTS

The new collection of Maison Scotch is in store. Many prints, many designs and many colors… We are ready for the sun.. Are YOU?

Check the AMAZING collection at YOUR premium store.


They will get you warm

06.09.2011 / PRODUCTS

The chino. Developed in the mid-19th century for British and French military uniforms and known as khaki, it has since migrated into civilian wear. Pants of such a fabric gained popularity in the U.S. when Spanish-American War veterans returned from the Philippines with their twill military trousers. Today they are one of the most hot items with either casual and high fashion people. YOUR has chino pants of Scotch&Soda, Maison Scotch, and many more! It might be Fall/Winter soon, but we think our pictures of our staff in chino pants will get you warm after all.

Maison Scotch (Spring/Summer 2011)

07.03.2011 / PRODUCTS

We have waited for this collection for a long time and at last it has been created. Streetwear brand Scotch & Soda has unveiled a womenswear collection called Maison Scotch, for Spring 2011.

The range includes 150 pieces and is focused at denim with vintage washes, shirts coming in blue, red and white, knitted cardigans and striped tops. The collection brings the same preppy, streetwear feel as the men’s line does but it is a bit more sophisticated and feminine. The Maison Scotch is intended to suit a rather wide age range of women – from 20 to … years.

The line isn’t glamorous or exquisite like lots of items at the market now but it looks really nice. It has some interesting detailing components, metal elements, flag tags and hangtags. This way, I mean avoiding adding glamour to their items, the company differentiates itself from the rest. Come and see for yourself. New stuff in store now…

Amsterdams blauw in Antwerp

09.12.2010 / PRODUCTS

Scotch does it again! Look at these wonderful washings of their new denim range..
Just perfect jeans and shirts and when I tell you the price, I’m sure you’ll start smiling..
Just take a look at the pairs I bought for delivery JULY 2011.
You just need patience now…
see you soon