Timex watches

17.02.2015 / WATCHES

Wear it well.

Timex designs, manufactures and markets innovative timepieces around the globe.
The Timex Style collection has a watch for every occasion in a modern men & woman’s life.
Casual, sportive, feminine, classic…
choose whatever you like!


80′s revival Timex

07.10.2010 / PRODUCTS

It takes a lickin’, but it keeps on tickin’.

Timex, you can count on it.

Available in store now!

Also check out Timex Originals Collection, where Benjamin Clymer, founder of Hodinkee.com, takes a look through Timex history as he digs around the company’s seldom seen vault in Waterbury, CT. He takes us through four of Timex’s most important watches of the 20th century and introduces us to Timex Originals, the brand’s just announced heritage collection inspired by some of their most historically important pieces.