Twin-Set shoes

28.03.2015 / FEMALE SHOES

Meet our new premium shoes selection from Twin-Set!
Running shoes with an ultra stylish look.
Whether you’re a fan of leopard print or you love lace details, we’ve got it all!

The overall effects are irresistible!







20.03.2015 / FEMALE FASHION

TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri has entered our store!
We immediately fell in love with their amazing romantic and feminine pieces.

A TWIN-SET women loves to travel, is passionate about music and about fashion.. She is feminine, romantic, and always ready to play with fashion to feel beautiful in respect of her personality.

Feminine romantic

16.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

We know you want to look stunning, even when its freezing outside.
So come and check out our premium collection by Twin-Set!

Twin-Set is first and foremost knitwear that shows attentive research into constant technological innovations, always sensitive however to the value of fine craftsmanship, such as embroidery and hand-made appliqué detail and non-conventional techniques of printing and dyeing. The brand’s owner and driving force is Simona Barbieri, who translates her exuberant creative vein into feminine romantic collections with a sparkling, colourful and almost eccentric twist. Since her debut, this young stylist has designed soft sexy body shapes with lightweight fabrics, sequin-rich embroidery, in this way outlining the fundamental features of Twin-Set style.

Perfect christmas outfits. Beautiful dresses, tops and everything else!


Match YOUR mood

03.12.2014 / PRODUCTS

Every mood needs an outfit. What are you going to wear today?
Don’t know yet?
Here’s some options!

Eleven Paris | Modström | Denham | Twin-Set


Get dressed

27.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

Now that December is almost there, it’s time to get dressed!
With a lot of upcoming parties with family and friends, you’d better make sure that you won’t be seen in the same outfit more than once.

That’s why we’ve made some preparations and selected a couple of outfits for different occasions.
We’re sure you will find YOURS as well!


High quality from premium brands

20.11.2014 / PRODUCTS

For those women who love to have a lot of choice, YOUR is heaven on earth.
Especially this winter we offer an enormous selection of high quality knits and sweaters.

Oversized knits in soft pastels or lazy sunday printed designs…
Even cropped jumpers and cable cardigans too.