Wacky design duo Viktor & Rolf’s handbags!

03.06.2013 / PRODUCTS

V&R handbags galore! Bold colors, whimsical details, small satchels and oversized clutches. The bold details integrated a common theme of “whipstitching” throughout the collection which was shown on every garment from casual designs through to formal gowns of their collection. The perfect bag to a perfect classy summer evening.

YOUR summer shoe walhalla: Viktor & Rolf

03.05.2013 / PRODUCTS

Viktor & Rolf: fantasy wardrobe gone soft and dreamy

02.04.2013 / PRODUCTS

And out she steps from the mirror and into the real world: this season’s Viktor & Rolf girl, her fantasy wardrobe comprised of flowing monochrome pleats and belts of shards of mosaic glass, her hair Rapunzelesque. It’s all at once soft and dreamy, and sharp and graphic – taking the V&R idea to another level. But let’s quit the jibber jabber, come to YOUR and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

V&R: humour, creativity and touch of fantasy

09.12.2012 / PRODUCTS

Designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of the Viktor & Rolf label approach the rules of fashion with humour, creativity and touch of fantasy. Their ready-to-wear accessories and footwear designs are formed of layers, voluminous silhouettes and quirky details, creating their own personal take on luxury. Long story short, the perfect luxurious gift you can give!

V&R: the world of your dreams

02.11.2012 / PRODUCTS

We’d like to make this a quote post:

“We want to celebrate life as the world of your dreams. Our message is aimed at everybody who is attracted by this dream world. We believe in ambivalence in glamour, in hope and in beauty.”


Available now at YOUR.

Viktor & Rolf creatures come out at night.

06.10.2012 / PRODUCTS

Viktor & Rolf creatures come out at night, oh yes they do. They respond to the call of the moon and they have a romantic, maybe sad, but very beautiful, tale to tell. Darkness descended early this season as Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren invite you at YOUR  into their autumn/winter 2012-13 world – one which was inspired by the moon, which sat at one end of the catwalk and shone out down upon it, a winding silver path to light the way. Superb shoes and great accessories, for you to love.